Featuring contributions from leading experts in software engineering, this edited book provides a comprehensive introduction to computer game software development. It is a complex, interdisciplinary field that relies on contributions from a wide variety of disciplines including arts and humanities, behavioural sciences, business, engineering, physical sciences, mathematics, etc. The book focuses on the emerging research at the intersection of game and software engineering communities. A brief history of game development is presented, which considers the shift from the development of rare games in isolated research environments in the 1950s to their ubiquitous presence in popular culture today. A summary is provided of the latest peer-reviewed research results in computer game development that have been reported at multiple levels of maturity (workshops, conferences, and journals). The core chapters of the book are devoted to sharing emerging research at the intersection of game development and software engineering. In addition, future research opportunities on new software engineering methods for games and serious educational games for software engineering education are highlighted. As an ideal reference for software engineers, developers, educators, and researchers, this book explores game development topics from software engineering and education perspectives.

Key Features:

  • Includes contributions from leading academic experts in the community
  • Presents a current collection of emerging research at the intersection of games and software engineering
  • Considers the interdisciplinary field from two broad perspectives: software engineering methods for game development and serious games for software engineering education
  • Provides a snapshot of the recent literature (i.e., 2015-2020) on game development from software engineering perspectives

section Section I|103 pages

Emerging Research on Serious Games for Software Engineering Education

chapter 2|21 pages

Case Studies and Practices in Local Game Jam Software Development Organization

A Software Engineering Perspective
ByWalt Scacchi

chapter 4|11 pages

Building Casual Games and APIs for Teaching Introductory Programming Concepts

ByBrian Chau, Rob Nash, Kelvin Sung, Jason Pace

chapter 5|35 pages

Evolution of a Model for the Evaluation of Games for Software Engineering Education

ByGiani Petri, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim, Adriano Ferreti Borgatto

section Section II|155 pages

Emerging Research on Software Engineering Methods for Game Development

chapter 6|19 pages

Applied Game Design Didactics

ByMicah M. Hrehovcsik

chapter 7|35 pages

Learning with the Body

A Design Framework for Embodied Learning Games and Simulations
ByEdward F. Melcer, Katherine Isbister

chapter 8|40 pages

Using Ideation Cards for Designing Mixed Reality Games

ByRichard Wetzel, Steve Benford

chapter 9|16 pages

From Role-Playing Game to Exergame

A Modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
ByRahul Kumar, Jak Tan, Paul Ralph

chapter 10|26 pages

Survey on Software Architecture, Creativity, and Game Technology

ByAlf Inge Wang, Njål Nordmark

chapter 11|15 pages

Games and Software Engineering Topics

Recent Results and Future Research Opportunities
ByKendra M. L. Cooper