Glycogen and Starch: So Similar, yet so Different. Both carbohydrates are central to the primary metabolism of a large part of the living kingdom. Generally, animals, fungi, and bacteria store glycogen, while plants largely rely on starch. This book provides a broad and current view on both glycogen and starch, in lower and higher organisms. Beside biochemistry, physiology and regulation of glycogen and starch metabolism, the reader can expect an insight into glycogen storage diseases, select methods and relevant techniques. While significant progress has been made in both fields, this volume emphasizes an opportunity of collaboration for researchers working on a major intersection of the living world.

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Polarimetric Nonlinear Microscopy of Starch Granules

Visualization of the Structural Order of α-Glucan Chains within a Native Starch Particle
ByDanielle Tokarz, Richard Cisek, Virginijus Barzda

chapter Chapter 3|27 pages

Analyses of Covalent Modifications in α-Glucans

ByFelix Nitschke, Peter Schmieder

chapter Chapter 4|23 pages

Storage Polysaccharide Metabolism in Micro-Organisms

ByChristophe Colleoni

chapter Chapter 6|25 pages

The Pathologies of a Dysfunctional Glycogen Metabolism

ByMitchell A. Sullivan, Berge A. Minassian, Felix Nitschke

chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

Reversible Phosphorylation in Glycogen and Starch

ByKatherine J. Donohue, Andrea Kuchtova, Craig W. Vander Kooi, Matthew S. Gentry

chapter Chapter 8|31 pages

Starch Granules and their Glucan Components

ByEric Bertoft

chapter Chapter 9|23 pages

Regulation of Assimilatory Starch Metabolism by Cellular Carbohydrate Status

ByMaria Grazia Annunziata, John Edward Lunn

chapter Chapter 10|24 pages

Reserve Starch Metabolism

ByYasunori Nakamura

chapter Chapter 11|31 pages

Heteromeric Protein Interactions in Starch Synthesis

ByMichael J. Ernes, Gregory J. MacNeill, Ian J. Tetlow