Level set methods are numerical techniques which offer remarkably powerful tools for understanding, analyzing, and computing interface motion in a host of settings. When used for medical imaging analysis and segmentation, the function assigns a label to each pixel or voxel and optimality is defined based on desired imaging properties. This often includes a detection step to extract specific objects via segmentation. This allows for the segmentation and analysis problem to be formulated and solved in a principled way based on well-established mathematical theories. Level set method is a great tool for modeling time varying medical images and enhancement of numerical computations.

chapter 1|22 pages

Tomography Reconstructions With Stochastic Level-Set Methods

ByBruno Sixou, Lin Wang, Françoise Peyrin

chapter 2|28 pages

Application of 3D Level Set based Optimization in Microwave Breast Imaging for Cancer Detection

ByHardik N. Patel, Deepak K. Ghodgaonkar

chapter 3|20 pages

A Modified Global and Elastic ICP Shape Registration for Medical Imaging Applications

ByHossam Abd El Munim, Aly A. Farag

chapter 4|28 pages

Robust Nuclei Segmentation using Statistical Level Set Method with Topology Preserving Constraint

ByShaghayegh Taheri, Thomas Fevens, Tien D. Bui

chapter 5|36 pages

Level Set Methods in Segmentation of SDOCT Retinal Images

ByN Padmasini, R Umamaheswari, Yacin Sikkandar Mohamed, Manavi D Sindal

chapter 6|22 pages

Numerical Techniques for Level Set Models: an Image Segmentation Perspective

ByElisabetta Carlini, Maurizio Falcone, Roberto Ferretti

chapter 7|50 pages

Level Set Methods for Cardiac Segmentation in MSCT Images

ByRuben Medina, Sebastian Bautista, Villie Morocho, Alexandra La Cruz

chapter 8|54 pages

Deformable Models and Image Segmentation

ByAhmed ElTanboly, Ali Mahmoud, Ahmed Shalaby, Magdi El-Azab, Mohammed Ghazal, Robert Keynton, Ayman El-Baz, Jasjit S. Suri

chapter 10|26 pages

Medical Image Segmentation Approach That Uses Level Sets with Statistical Shape Priors

ByAhmed ElTanboly, Mohammed Ghazal, Hassan Hajjdiab, Ali Mahmoud, Ahmed Shalaby, Jasjit S. Suri, Robert Keynton, Ayman El-Baz

chapter 11|26 pages

Level Set Method in Medical Imaging Segmentation

ByJiangxiong Fang

chapter 12|42 pages

Image Segmentation with B-Spline Level Set

ByShenhai Zheng, Bin Fang, Laquan Li