This book represents a comprehensive overview of the distribution of the various forms of mobile communications devices, with increasing variations and intensities that constitute a serious hazard to both the biosphere and mankind. Contributors stress the lack of controls over mobile communication signal sources, as well as the absence of monitoring the health of individuals exposed to microwave radiation. The work also entails a review of the engineering behind mobile communication technology, including a summary of basic scientific evidence of the effects of biological exposure to microwaves, and unique coverage on potential hazards of mobile communication for children.

Marko S. Markov has been professor and chairman of the Department of Biophysics and Radiobiology of Sofi University for 22 years. With over 45 years of basic science research experience, and over 40 years in the clinical application of electromagnetic fields, he is recognized as one of the world’s best experts in the subject. His list of publications includes 196 papers and 18 books.

  • Presents an overview of what modern science knows about mobile communications signals
  • Details the latest research on potential hazards related to uncontrolled use of mobile devices
  • Provides information related to children's organisms not developed biologically prior to exposure to microwave signals
  • Offers methods of control of the house and work environment
  • Explores the link between science and electromagnetics hazards.

chapter 1|23 pages

Mobile Communications and Public Health

ByMarko S. Markov

chapter 2|21 pages

Cell Phone Radiation

Evidence From ELF and RF Studies Supporting More Inclusive Risk Identification and Assessment *
ByCarl Blackman

chapter 3|17 pages

Public Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

ByPeter Gajšek

chapter 6|35 pages

Low-Level Thermal Signals

An Understudied Aspect of Radio Frequency Field Exposures with Potential Implications on Public Health
ByLucas A. Portelli

chapter 7|22 pages

How Cancer Can Be Caused by Microwave Frequency Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures

EMF Activation of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels (VGCCs) Can Cause Cancer Including Tumor Promotion, Tissue Invasion, and Metastasis via 15 Mechanisms
ByMartin L. Pall

chapter 10|16 pages

A Longitudinal Study of Psychophysiological Indicators in Pupils Users of Mobile Communications in Russia (2006–2017)

Children Are in the Group of Risk
ByYury G. Grigoriev, Natalia I. Khorseva