With 1.4 million cases of skin cancer reported in the USA each year there is increasing emphasis on early and accurate diagnosis. In Vivo Reflectance Confocal Microscopy is the latest technology being developed to meet these needs: it allows optical sectioning of an area of skin without the need for physical sectioning and could thus be ideal for d

chapter 2|23 pages

Normal skin

chapter |6 pages

3b Clear cell acanthoma

chapter |16 pages

3e Basal cell carcinoma

chapter |22 pages

4c Dysplastic nevi

chapter |25 pages

4d Malignant melanoma

chapter |5 pages

4e Blue nevus

chapter |7 pages

5a Trichoepithelioma

chapter |4 pages

5b Sebaceous hyperplasia

chapter |5 pages

5d Angioma

chapter |16 pages

6a Adjunct to clinical diagnosis

chapter |10 pages

6b RCM-guided biopsy site selection

chapter |11 pages

6d RCM-assisted in-vivo margin mapping