1. Psychopharmacological management of schizophrenia 2. Psychological approaches to the management of persistant delusions and hallucinations 3. The management of negative symptoms 4. Cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia 5. Depression and anxiety in schizophrenia 6.The general  health of people with schizophrenia 7. Substance abuse co-morbidity in schizophrenia 8. Management of acute behavioural disturbance in psychosis 9. Managing the violent behaviours associated with the schizophrenic syndrome 10. Understanding and enhancing adherence to treatment in people with schizophrenia 11. Psychological interventions to help people with psychiatric disabilities succeed at work 12. Enhancing socialisation capacities in people with schizophrenia 13. The clinical needs of women with schizophrenia 14. Family intervention in schizophrenia 15. A treatment approach to a patient with first episode schizophrenia 16. Treatment resistant schizophrenia 17. Rating scales in schizophrenia: Clinical applicability.