One of the first such volumes in this field, Sleep Disorders: Diagnosis and Therapeutics explores sleep pharmacology and therapeutics. Leading researchers in the area of experimental and clinical and psychopharmacology critically assess the progress in their specialist fields. The book is suitable as an introduction for clinicians and researchers w

chapter 4|9 pages

Manifestations of hypersomnia

chapter 8|10 pages

Chronic insomnia

chapter 9|6 pages

Rebound with hypnotic medication

chapter 22|7 pages


chapter 30|12 pages


chapter 33|9 pages


chapter 39|10 pages

Hormones and sleep

chapter 44|8 pages

Neuropharmacology of opioids

part 61|2 pages

Appendix VI: The Athens Insomnia Scale

part 63|1 pages

Appendix VIII: Sleep Hygiene Practice Scale