This study guide takes each chapter of Clinical Pediatric Urology: Fifth Edition-without doubt the most well-respected and authoritative book on the subject in the world-and, in the format of a Q & A style, poses the most common questions in that particular area, which those taking the ABU examinations are likely to be tested on.With a foreword

chapter 4|4 pages

In-office ultrasonography

chapter 12|4 pages

Pediatric fluid management

chapter 17|2 pages

Surgery of the adrenal

chapter 20|2 pages

20Anomalies of the kidney

chapter 22|4 pages

22Cystic kidney disease Larry A Greenbaum

chapter 25|4 pages

25Renal calculus disease

chapter 32|4 pages

Wilms' tumor

chapter 35|4 pages

The ureter

chapter 39|4 pages


chapter 54|2 pages

Diurnal and nocturnal enuresis

chapter 57|4 pages

Urinary diversion

chapter 64|4 pages

64Prune belly syndrome

chapter 65|2 pages

65Basic science of genitalia

chapter 68|4 pages


chapter 74|4 pages


chapter 76|4 pages

Testicular tumors