Coedited by internationally recognized leaders in gene therapy research, this guide supplies the most recent advances, studies, and expert opinion on gene therapy for neurological disorders. Spanning conditions such as Parkinsons's and Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, stroke, epilepsy, and brain and spinal cord trauma, this re

chapter 3|6 pages

Adeno Associated Viral Vectors for the Nervous System

ByBrian K. Kaspar, Fred H. Gage

chapter 4|20 pages

Heat Shock Proteins for Neurological Gene Therapy

ByJoanna Howarth, Stephen Kelly, James B. Uney

chapter 5|16 pages

iBAC Technologies for Neurological Disease

BySean E. Lawler, Yoshinaga Saeki, E. Antonio Chiocca, Richard Wade-Martins

chapter 6|26 pages

Targeted Gene Modification of the Nervous System

ByMaria L. Cortes, Xandra O. Breakefield

chapter 7|14 pages

Astrocytes as Targets for Neurological Gene Therapy

ByTetsuya Imura, Michael V. Sofroniew

chapter 9|44 pages

Gene Therapy Applications for Parkinson’s Disease

ByE. M. Torres, C. Monville, S. B. Dunnett

chapter 11|16 pages

Immunotherapeutic Approaches for Alzheimer’s Disease

ByWilliam J. Bowers, Howard J. Federoff

chapter 13|36 pages

Novel Gene Therapeutic Approaches to Brain Cancer

ByMaria G. Castro, James F. Curtin, Gwendalyn D. King, Marianela Candolfi, Peter Czer, Sandra A. Sciascia, Kurt Kroeger, Tamer Fakhouri, Sarah Honig, William Kuoy, Terry Kang, Stephen Johnson, Pedro R. Lowenstein

chapter 14|28 pages

Vaccines and Beneficial Immunity in Glioma Patients

ByChristopher J. Wheeler, Keith L. Black

chapter 15|34 pages

Replicating Viruses for Brain Tumor Treatment

ByHong Jiang, Frank McCormick, Candelaria Gomez-Manzano, David T. Curiel, Frederick F. Lang, W. K. Alfred Yung, Juan Fueyo