Responding to the growing recognition of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) as a major medical condition and the emergence of exciting new therapies, this source analyzes the clinical features, characteristics, comorbidities, and impact of OSA on patient biological systems and quality-of-life. Edited by the Director of the Center for Human Sleep Researc

chapter 1|10 pages


ByClete A. Kushida

chapter 2|16 pages


ByMichael Zupancic, Peretz Lavie

chapter 3|12 pages


ByKin M. Yuen

chapter 4|22 pages


ByTimothy F. Hoban, Donald L. Bliwise

chapter 5|20 pages

Phylogeny and Animal Models: An Uninhibited Survey

ByTodd D. Morgan, John E. Remmers

chapter 6|12 pages

Upper Airway Anatomy

ByAvery Tung

chapter 7|18 pages

Physiology and Dynamics of the Upper Airway

ByJingtao Huang, Carole L. Marcus

chapter 8|14 pages

Upper Airway Pathology

ByJohn G. Park, Teofilo Lee-Chiong

chapter 9|24 pages

Control of Breathing in Sleep

ByCurtis A. Smith, Jerome A. Dempsey, Steven R. Barczi, Ailiang Xie

chapter 10|22 pages

Arousal from Sleep

ByPéter Halász

chapter 11|26 pages


ByAnh Tu Duy Nguyen, Susie Yim, Atul Malhotra

chapter 12|26 pages

Risk Factors

ByKannan Ramar, Christian Guilleminault

chapter 13|22 pages

Familial and Genetic Factors

BySanjay R. Patel, Peter V. Tishler

chapter 14|14 pages

The Spectrum of Sleep-Disordered Breathing

ByAdnan Habib, Barbara Phillips

chapter 15|16 pages

Morbidity and Mortality

ByChristine Won, Dominique Robert

chapter 16|18 pages

Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems

ByIan M. Colrain, John Trinder

chapter 17|30 pages

Cardiac Arrhythmias and Congestive Heart Failure

BySheree Chen, T. Douglas Bradley

chapter 18|14 pages

Hypertension and the Cardiovascular System

ByRohit Budhiraja, Stuart F. Quan

chapter 19|18 pages

Endocrine Function and Glucose Metabolism

ByKatherine Stamatakis, Naresh M. Punjabi

chapter 20|22 pages


ByMark Eric Dyken, Mohsin Ali, Shekar Raman, Kim E. Eppen

chapter 21|16 pages

Mood and Behavior

ByMark S. Aloia, Amanda Schurle Bruce

chapter 22|22 pages


ByDouglas B. Kirsch, Ronald D. Chervin

chapter 23|28 pages

Health-Related Quality-of-Life

ByCheryl A. Moyer, Jeffrey S. Moyer, Ronald D. Chervin

chapter 24|8 pages

Driving Risk and Accidents

ByPatricia Sagaspe, Pierre Philip

chapter 25|22 pages

Economic and Societal Impact

ByValérie Wittmann, Daniel O. Rodenstein