Adolescent Rheumatology is the first single-source text that focuses on how adolescent-specific aspects impact rheumatic conditions and cross references disease-specific information from general rheumatology textbooks. Using a generic, developmental approach to make this book unique, the evidence base is referenced with a clinical and practical app

chapter 1|12 pages

Being a Teenager in the Twenty-First Century

ByJanet E. McDonagh

chapter 2|18 pages

The Teenage Brain

ByGerald Ullrich

chapter 3|34 pages

Growing Pains: Growth and Puberty

ByPriscilla L. Campbell-Stokes, Nick J. Shaw

chapter 4|20 pages

Creating a Listening Culture: Communicating with Young People

ByJanet E. McDonagh

chapter 5|22 pages

“When I Remember to . . .”: Adherence and Chronic Rheumatic

ByDiseases Fabienne Dobbels, Karen L. Shaw

chapter 6|42 pages

The Disease Spectrum of Adolescent Rheumatology

ByLiza J. McCann, Debajit Sen

chapter 7|20 pages

The Young Adult with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

ByJon C. Packham

chapter 8|14 pages

The Young Person with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

ByLori B. Tucker

chapter 9|24 pages

Adolescent Chronic Pain

ByJacqui G. Clinch

chapter 10|26 pages

The Young Person with Back Pain

BySuzanne C. Li, Yukiko Kimura

chapter 11|34 pages

Adolescents with Joint Pain: A Sports Medicine Perspective

ByRebecca A. Demorest

chapter 12|24 pages

The Young Person with Low Bone Mineral Density

ByRolando Cimaz, Maria Luisa Bianchi

chapter 13|20 pages

Health Issues of Adolescents

ByDonald E. Greydanus, Dilip R. Patel

chapter 14|18 pages

Walking the Talk: Parenting Adolescents with a Chronic Condition

ByHelena Fonseca and Marcelle de Sousa

chapter 15|16 pages

Making Connections, Getting Connected: Peer Support and Chronic Rheumatic Disease

ByJanine Hackett, Bernadette Johnson

chapter 16|22 pages

Growing Up: Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood

ByPatience H. White

chapter 18|20 pages

How Can We Develop Adolescent Rheumatology Care That Continually Improves Outcomes for Young People?

ByBoel Andersson Ga¨re and Marjorie M. Godfrey

chapter 19|22 pages

Young People Have the Last Word

ByAmy Abrams, David Lewis, Toni Neufille, Akikur Rahman, Heather Clarke