This two volume Second Edition describes the anatomical, physiological, pharmaceutical, and technological aspects of delivery routes, found in areas like:Oral Ocular Dermal and transdermal VaginalColonic Oral mucosal Nasal PulmonaryProviding insight and critical assessment of the many available and emerging modified release drug delivery systems fo

chapter 2|6 pages

Intellectual Property Developments and Issues in India

ByB. Kombi

chapter 3|12 pages

Parameter Claims at the European Patent Office

ByPeter Klusmann

chapter 4|8 pages

Japan’s Patent Issues Relating to Modified Drug Delivery Technology

ByTechnology John A. Tessensohn

chapter 5|22 pages

Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery

chapter 6|8 pages

Pilocarpine Buccal Insert

ByJanet A. Halliday, Steve Robertson

chapter 8|8 pages

DentiPatch Development

ByJuan A. Mantelle

chapter 9|12 pages

Medicated Chewing Gum

ByJette Jacobsen, Margrethe Rømer Rassing

chapter 10|8 pages

The Oral PowderJect Device for Mucosal Drug Delivery

ByGeorge Costigan, Brian J. Bellhouse

chapter 13|10 pages

Advances in Cellulose Ether-Based Modified-Release Technologies

ByThomas J. Du¨rig

chapter 14|10 pages

Chapter SQZgelTM

ByRamesh C. Rathi, Jong Bark, Kirk D. Fowers

chapter 15|16 pages

Thiolated Polymers for Controlled Release

ByM. Werle and A. Bernkop-Schnu¨rch

chapter 18|12 pages

Floating Gastroretentive Capsule for Controlled Drug Delivery

ByJanez Kercˇ, Jerneja Opara

chapter 19|22 pages

Thin Film Oral Dosage Forms

ByScott D. Barnhart

chapter 21|8 pages

Enhanced Gastroretentive Dosage Form with Minimal Food Effects: GIRESTM

ByDavid C. Coughlan, Edel O’Toole, and Thomas W. Leonard

chapter 22|12 pages

Advancing Gastrointestinal Permeation Enhancement Formulations into the Clinic: GIPETTM

ByDavid C. Coughlan, Edel O’Toole, and Thomas W. Leonard

chapter 23|10 pages

The Micropump Technology

ByKenneth Lundstrom, Catherine Castan, Florence Guimberteau, Roger Kravtzoff, and Re´mi Meyrueix

chapter 24|8 pages

A Novel Microparticle Technology for Tailored Drug Release in the Gastrointestinal Tract

ByGastrointestinal Tract Richard A. Kendall, Emma L. McConnell, Sudaxshina Murdan, and Abdul W. Basit

chapter 25|18 pages

Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN, NLC, LDC) for the Enhancement of Oral Absorption

ByCornelia M. Keck, Aiman H. Hommoss, and Rainer H. Mu¨ller

chapter 26|8 pages

Colonic Drug Delivery

chapter 27|16 pages

Biopolymers and Colonic Delivery

ByClive G. Wilson, Gour Mukherji, Hardik K. Shah

chapter 28|14 pages

Enteric Coating for Colonic Delivery

ByHardik K. Shah, Gour Mukherji, Bianca Bro¨gmann, and Clive G. Wilson

chapter 29|12 pages

Programmed Drug Delivery Systems and the Colon

ByClive G. Wilson, Hardik K. Shah, Wang Wang Lee, Bianca Bro¨gmann, and Gour Mukherji

chapter 31|6 pages

Targeting the Colon Using COLALTM: A Novel Bacteria-Sensitive Drug Delivery System

ByEmma L. McConnell, Abdul W. Basit

chapter 32|8 pages

Development of the Egalet Technology

ByDaniel Bar-Shalom, Christine Andersen, Clive G. Wilson, Neena Washington

chapter 35|16 pages

Japanese Regulatory Issues on Modified-Release Drug Products

ByNaomi Nagai, Satoshi Toyoshima

chapter 36|22 pages

Regulatory Aspects of Delivery Systems in the European Union

ByGeorge Wade, Evdokia Korakianiti, Susanne Keitel

chapter 37|14 pages

Canadian Regulatory Requirements for Drug Approval

BySultan Ghani, David Lee

chapter 38|14 pages

Regulating Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technologies in Australia

ByAustralia Andrew Bartholomaeus, Carolyn Rolls, Michael S. Roberts