Written by many of the world's leading colorectal surgeons, this evidence-based text investigates the risks and benefits of colorectal surgeries. By using clinical pathways, algorithms, and case discussions, the authors identify the best practices for patient safety and positive outcomes to ensure that physicians correctly recognize potential probl

chapter 1|13 pages

Preexisting conditions

chapter 2|5 pages

Preoperative bowel preparation

chapter 3|8 pages

Anesthesia and intraoperative positioning

ByLebron Cooper, Larry R Hutson

chapter 4|6 pages


BySteven Mills, Michael J Stamos

chapter 5|11 pages

Intraoperative anastomotic challenges

ByDavid E Beck

chapter 6|12 pages

Other intraoperative challenges

ByJames T McCormick, Sharon G Gregorcyk

chapter 7|11 pages

Postoperative anastomotic complications

ByDaniel L Feingold

chapter 8|12 pages

General postoperative complications

ByScott R Steele, Clifford L Simmang

chapter 9|8 pages

Care paths and optimal postop management

chapter 10|10 pages

Limitations of anorectal physiology testing

ByThomas E Cataldo, Syed G Husain

chapter 11|35 pages

Limitations of colorectal imaging studies

ByTravis J Blanchard, Wilson B Altmeyer, Charles C Matthews

chapter 12|8 pages

Transanal endoscopy

ByTerry C Hicks

chapter 13|8 pages

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery

ByJames W Fleshman, Jonathan S Chun

chapter 14|6 pages

Medical legal issues

ByCharles F Gay Jr, Terry C Hicks

chapter 15|5 pages

Miscellanous conditions

ByM Benjamin Hopkins, Alan E Timmcke

chapter 16|9 pages

Quality and outcome measures

chapter 17|10 pages

Hemorrhoidal surgery

ByDan R Metcalf, Anthony J Senagore

chapter 18|5 pages

Nonoperative therapy for hemorrhoid disease

ByKerry Hammond, Charles B Whitlow

chapter 19|16 pages

Surgery and nonoperative therapy of perirectal abscesses and anal fistulas

ByBrian R Kann, Charles B Whitlow

chapter 20|16 pages

Surgery and nonoperative therapy of anal fissure

ByJaime L Bohl, Alan J Herline

chapter 21|11 pages

Surgery for pilonidal disease and hidradenitis suppurativa

ByPaula I Denoya, Eric G Weiss

chapter 22|13 pages

Surgical treatment of fecal incontinence

ByAnn C Lowry, Dimitrios Christoforidis

chapter 23|10 pages

Surgery for rectal prolapse

BySteven R Hunt

chapter 24|14 pages

Operative and nonoperative therapy for diverticular disease

ByR Scott Nelson, Alan G Thorson

chapter 25|8 pages

Abdominal surgery for colorectal cancer

ByJason Hall, Rocco Ricciardi

chapter 26|7 pages

Transanal approaches to rectal cancer

BySachin S Kukreja, Theodore J Saclarides

chapter 27|8 pages

Abdominoperineal resection

ByW Brian Perry, Fia Yi, Clarence Clark, Danny Kim

chapter 29|6 pages

Chemotherapy for colon and rectal cancer

ByLiliana Bordeianou, Judith L Trudel

chapter 30|12 pages

Radiation therapy: Acute and late toxicity

ByRoland Hawkins

chapter 31|13 pages

Surgery for ulcerative colitis

ByPatricia L Roberts

chapter 32|18 pages

Surgery for Crohn’s disease

ByJorge Canedo, Tolga Erim, Steven D Wexner

chapter 33|12 pages


ByVance Y Sohn, Scott R Steele

chapter 34|14 pages

Operative and nonoperative therapy for chronic constipation

ByHarry T Papaconstantinou

chapter 36|10 pages

Urologic complications of colorectal surgery

ByScott Delacroix Jr, J Christian Winters