Minimally invasive aesthetic procedures continue to be popular with patients, so many medical practitioners who have not previously specialized in the field or practiced very widely are either turning to this area or expanding the range of treatments they currently offer. These practitioners require a basic primer to get them up to speed on the details of treatments, as well as expert tips on the idiosyncratic demands involved in running an aesthetic practice.

The Cosmetic Bootcamp meetings began as a way for colleagues in dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and otorhinolaryngology to teach each other in a collegial environment. The meetings are designed to provide physicians in these specialties a forum to exchange ideas, explore new technologies and techniques, and discuss ways to improve patient care. The focus is on advancing the science and outcomes using a multidisciplinary approach.

Drawn from these meetings, Cosmetic Bootcamp Primer: Comprehensive Aesthetic Management presents a succinct but comprehensive textbook from a team with extensive experience in training newcomers to the field of aesthetic practice. The first part of the text details how a practice needs to be run for optimum impact and efficiency. Both new and seasoned practitioners will find much advice in this section for improving their daily office operation to help them compete effectively. The second section reviews the essentials of the clinical treatments. Each of the core aesthetic specialties are included, and chapters contain what the editors consider essential information as well as a few "pearls."

The book is supplemented with downloadable resources to enable users to experience the flavor of the actual Cosmetic Bootcamp meetings. Future versions of this text will include internet-based interactions to foster further discussions. For those interested in a more direct interaction, please visit Cosmetic Boot Camp to see dates for upcoming meetings.

chapter 1|1 pages

The role of the aesthetic specialist

ByKenneth Beer

chapter 2|7 pages

The size and scope of the aesthetic marketplace

ByNeil S. Sadick

chapter 4|18 pages

Photography for the aesthetic patient

ByHolly P. Smith

chapter 5|3 pages

Ergonomics for an aesthetic office

BySteven K. Cordonnier

chapter 6|4 pages

Interviewing the cosmetic patient

BySusan H. Weinkle, Harriet Lin Hall

chapter 7|3 pages

Red flag patients

ByTimothy Corcoran Flynn

chapter 8|4 pages

Internal marketing

ByAmy Derick

chapter 9|10 pages

Financial benchmarking for the aesthetic medical practice

ByPage S. Piland

chapter 10|19 pages

Form, forms, forms

ByKenneth Beer

chapter 12|13 pages

When non-invasive is not enough: Limits to individual treatments

ByRoxanne J. Guy

chapter 13|8 pages

Complications A to Z

ByVince Bertucci

chapter 14|9 pages

Botulinum toxins type A: Advanced techniques

ByAndreas Boker, Fredric S. Brandt

chapter 15|15 pages

Botulinum toxin in the management of focal hyperhidrosis

ByDee Anna Glaser

chapter 16|5 pages

One syringe wonder

ByMary P. Lupo

chapter 17|6 pages

Hyaluronic acid fillers

ByMary P. Lupo

chapter 18|10 pages

Calcium hydroxylapatite dermal filler for aesthetic correction of face and hands

ByRoberta D. Sengelmann

chapter 19|10 pages

PLLA (Sculptra)

ByCheryl M. Burgess

chapter 20|4 pages

Permanent fillers

ByDerek Jones

chapter 21|7 pages

Liposuction my way

ByPatricia Wexler

chapter 22|12 pages

Chemical peeling

BySue Ellen Cox

chapter 24|20 pages

Periorbital rejuvenation utilizing blepharoplasty and adjunctive surgical techniques

ByCraig N. Czyz, Brian S. Biesman, Jill A. Foster

chapter 25|6 pages

Breast augmentation

ByClark F. Schierle, Laurie A. Casas

chapter 26|10 pages

Surgical rejuvenation of the neck

ByAnthony P. Sclafani, E. Ashlie Darr, Ameet Kamat

chapter 27|7 pages

Intense pulsed light

ByAndreas Boker, David H. Ciocon, David J. Goldberg

chapter 28|6 pages

Fat melting devices

ByKimberly Finder

chapter 29|3 pages

Ablative fractional laser resurfacing

ByVic A. Narurkar

chapter 30|4 pages

Non-ablative devices

ByVic A. Narurkar

chapter 31|6 pages


ByJeanine Downie

chapter 32|8 pages

Diverse populations in aesthetics: Young patients

ByAva Shamban

chapter 33|6 pages

Diverse populations in aesthetics: Male patients

ByToral Patel, Murad Alam

chapter 34|10 pages

Diverse populations in aesthetics: Ethnic patients

ByAva Shamban