Building on a successful first edition, this revised and extended Atlas of Dermoscopy demonstrates the state of the art of how to use dermoscopy to detect and diagnose lesions of the skin, with a special emphasis on malignant skin tumours. With well over 1,500 photographs, drawings, and tables, the book has extensive clinical correlation with dermo

chapter 1|2 pages


ByAshfaq A. Marghoob, Ralph P. Braun, Josep Malvehy

chapter 2|7 pages

Principles of dermoscopy and dermoscopic equipment

BySteven Q. Wang, Ashfaq A. Marghoob, Alon Scope

chapter |8 pages

Chapter 5a Basal cell carcinoma

chapter |9 pages

Chapter 5d Vascular lesions

ByPedro Zaballos, Josep Malvehy, Susana Puig

chapter |10 pages

Chapter 5e Dermatofibromas

ByPedro Zaballos, Susana Puig, Josep Malvehy

chapter |15 pages

Chapter 6b Pattern analysis

ByAshfaq A. Marghoob

chapter |5 pages

Chapter 6c ABCD rule

ByUlrike Weigert, Walter H.C. Burgdorf, and Wilhelm Stolz

chapter |6 pages

Chapter 6d Menzies method

ByScott W. Menzies

chapter |3 pages

Chapter 6f CASH algorithm

ByJennifer A. Stein, Alfred W. Kopf

chapter |4 pages

Chapter 6g Three-point checklist

ByGiuseppe Argenziano

chapter |9 pages

Chapter 6h Revised version of pattern analysis

ByHarald Kittler, Cliff Rosendahl, Alan Cameron

chapter 7|12 pages

Benign melanocytic lesions 7a Congenital melanocytic nevi

ByAshfaq A. Marghoob

chapter |12 pages

Chapter 7b Dysplastic (atypical) nevi

ByAshfaq A. Marghoob, Alfred W. Kopf

chapter |10 pages

Chapter 7c Banal nevi and growing nevi

ByIris Zalaudek

chapter |8 pages

Chapter 7d Blue nevi and variants

ByCristina Carrera, Josep Malvehy, Susana Puig

chapter |9 pages

Chapter 7e Spitz and Reed nevi

ByGerardo Ferrara, Giuseppe Argenziano

chapter |5 pages

Chapter 7f Recurrent (persistent) nevi

ByAshfaq A. Marghoob

chapter 8|7 pages

Melanoma 8a Superficial spreading melanoma

ByScott W. Menzies

chapter |10 pages

Chapter 8b Acrolentiginous melanoma

ByJosep Malvehy, Susana Puig

chapter |3 pages

Chapter 8c Nodular melanoma

ByScott W. Menzies

chapter |7 pages

Chapter 8d Lentigo maligna melanoma

ByAlon Scope, Steven Q. Wang, Harold S. Rabinovit

chapter |5 pages

Chapter 8e Amelanotic and hypomelanotic melanoma

ByJuergen F. Kreusch, Scott W. Menzies, Giuseppe Argenziano

chapter |12 pages

Chapter 8f Equivocal lesions, false positive, and false negative

BySusana Puig, Josep Malvehy, Ashfaq A. Marghoob

chapter |7 pages

Chapter 8g Desmoplastic melanoma and metastatic melanoma

BySteven Q. Wang, Natalia Jaimes-López, Ashfaq A. Marghoob

chapter 9|14 pages

Special locations 9a Palms and soles

ByJosep Malvehy, Susana Puig

chapter |8 pages

Chapter 9b Nails

ByRalph P. Braun, Luc Thomas

chapter |15 pages

Chapter 9c Face

ByNancy H. Kim, Margaret C. Oliviero, Ralph P. Braun

chapter |10 pages

Chapter 9d Hair and scalp (trichoscopy)

chapter |8 pages

Chapter 9e Mucosal lesions

ByAndreas Blum, Olga Simionescu

chapter 10|16 pages

Exceptions to the two-step dermoscopy algorithm

ByRandie H. Kim, Natalia Jaimes-López, Elizabeth A. Quigley

chapter 11|12 pages

Dermoscopy in general dermatology

ByIris Zalaudek

chapter 12|14 pages

Vascular structures

ByAshfaq A. Marghoob, Tracey N. Liebman

chapter 13|3 pages

Diagnostic accuracy of dermoscopy

ByHarald Kittler, Scott W. Menzies

chapter 15|4 pages

Teledermoscopy and computer-assisted diagnosis

ByDougal F. Coates, H. Peter Soyer

chapter 16|5 pages

Beyond dermoscopy

ByNatalia Jaimes-López, Maria Princesa Obieta, Allan C. Halpern

chapter 17|8 pages

Concluding remarks

ByAshfaq A. Marghoob, Natalia Jaimes-López