The authors of the Textbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicine present practitioners, physicians, and allied health workers with detailed material for a wide ranging understanding of what Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer.

chapter 1|4 pages

Definitions and regulatory status

ByM. C. Lee

chapter 2|28 pages

Commonly used herbal medicines

ByM. K. Ang-Lee, D. Basila

chapter 3|4 pages

Overview of selected herbs

ByL. Dey, S. M. Wicks

chapter 6|8 pages

Green tea

chapter 7|6 pages

Herbal, food, and drug interactions

chapter 8|6 pages

Risks of ephedra-containing supplements

ByS. R. Mehendale, B. A. Bauer and C.-S. Yuan

chapter 9|16 pages

Traditional Chinese Medicine: an overview

ByW. Xuan

chapter 10|12 pages

Chinese herbal medicine and formulations

ByB. Xu

chapter 11|20 pages


ByY. G. Wang

chapter 12|22 pages

Tai Chi

ByS. Xutian, F. Sun, S. Tai

chapter 13|12 pages


ByN. J. Manek, C. Lin

chapter 14|14 pages

Diet and nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine

ByM. E. Jones

chapter 15|8 pages

. Massage

ByD. J. Engen

chapter 16|14 pages

Herbal antioxidants: potential and pitfalls

ByT. L. Vanden Hoek and Z.-H. Shao

chapter 17|8 pages


ByZ.-H. Shao and W.-T. Chang

chapter 18|8 pages


ByL. Dey and C.-S. Yuan

chapter 19|12 pages

Type 2 diabetes

ByL. Dey, A. S. Attele

chapter 20|10 pages


ByF. A. Yao, T. T. Brown, A. S. Dobs

chapter 21|8 pages

Male and female sexual dysfunction

ByH. H. Aung, V. Rand

chapter 22|8 pages


ByA. S. Attele and C.-S. Yuan

chapter 23|10 pages

Natural products and cancer

ByW. Sampson

chapter 24|6 pages

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

ByS. R. Mehendale, H. H. Aung and C.-S. Yuan

chapter 25|10 pages

Cachexia associated with cancer and AIDS

ByM.-Y. Song, A. S. Dobs and T. T. Brown

chapter 26|23 pages

Boost AIDS patients’ immune systems

ByJ. A. Wu and C.-S. Yuan