Concentrating on the planning and design of cities, the three sections take a logical route through the discussion from the broad considerations at regional and city scale, to the larger city at high and lower densities through to design considerations on the smaller block scale. Key design issues such as access to facilities, access for sunlight, life cycle analyses, and the impact of communications on urban design are tackled, and in conclusion, the research is compared to large scale design examples that have been proposed and/or implemented over the past decade to give a vision for the future that might be achievable.

chapter |10 pages


ByMike Jenks, Nicola Dempsey

part |123 pages

The Big Picture

chapter |18 pages

Back to the City

A Route to Urban Sustainability
ByGiddings Bob, Bill Hopwood, Mary Mellor, Geoff O’Brien

chapter |23 pages

The Intelligent City

Ubiquitous Network or Humane Environment
ByGuy Briggs

chapter |17 pages

Towards the Spatial Sustainability of City-Regions

A Comparative Study of Tokyo and Randstad
ByAkiko Okabe

chapter |21 pages

The Multi-modal Urban Region

A Concept to Combine Environmental and Economic Goals
ByLuca Bertolini

chapter |18 pages

Creating a Sustainable City Region

ByRaymond Green

chapter |21 pages

Forecasting the Sustainability of Alternative Plans

The Cambridge Futures Experience
ByMarcial Echenique

part |149 pages

Designing for Sustainable Urban Form at High and Lower Densities

chapter |15 pages

The City and the Megastructure

ByJustyna Karakiewicz

chapter |13 pages

High-Density, High-Rise and Multiple and Intensive Land Use in Hong Kong

A Future City Form for the New Millennium
ByStephen Lau, Jun Wang, R. Giridharan, S. Ganesan

chapter |18 pages

From Central Business District to New Downtown

Designing Future Sustainable Urban Forms in Singapore
ByPerry Pei-Ju Yang

chapter |20 pages

Towards a Sustainable City

Rebuilding Lower Manhattan
ByWillis Beverly

chapter |13 pages

Upper City Transformations

A New Strategy for High-density Development
ByHulshof Ineke

chapter |22 pages

Sustainable Cells of Urbanism

Regenerative Theory and Practice
ByTom J. Bartuska, Bashir A. Kazimee

chapter |17 pages

Sustainable Urbanity in a Powerful but Fragile Landscape

ByFerdinand S. Johns

chapter |21 pages

Envisioning the Future:

Sustainable Models for Rural Communities
ByWebster Helena, Williams Peter

part |154 pages

Aspects of Design for Sustainable Urban Forms

chapter |23 pages

The Language and Meaning of Density

ByJenks Mike, Dempsey Nicola

chapter |15 pages

Solar Cities

The Oxford Solar Initiative
BySusan Roaf, Manuel Fuentes, Rajat Gupta

chapter |21 pages

Quantification of Urban Solar Access

ByMardaljevic John

chapter |19 pages

A Comparative Sustainability Assessment and Indication of Future Housing Trends in Hong Kong

ByAlex Amato, Richard Frewer, Steven Humphrey

chapter |26 pages


Future Forms for City Living?
ByDempsey Nicola, Jenks Mike