As the global tourism industry continues to expand and to become more complex, it is vital that those in the industry identify trends early and design proactive strategies to gain competitive advantage. Tourism Futures: dynamics, challenges and tools provides the readers with a comprehensive insight of the changes in the external business environment, and equips them with new managerial techniques and tools in order to adapt and profit from these changes and into the future. Written by a team of globally renowned thinkers and researchers, it provides the manager of tomorrow with the ability to look beyond normal planning horizons and identify potential opportunities from change.

Tourism Futures: dynamics, challenges and tools is part of a two part set with its companion text, Tourism Futures: the emerging business which takes the reader on a logical progression to look at new products, new consumers and new industry. Both texts thereby provide the reader with a complete set of tools and knowledge to enable them to recognise the key areas of growth and change, and the ability to use the new tools and technologies available to develop them and maximise business potential.

chapter |5 pages


ByCarlos Costa, Dimitrios Buhalis

part |78 pages

New Trends

chapter |10 pages


ByC Michael Hall

chapter |9 pages

Safety and Security Issues in Tourism

ByDallen J Timothy

chapter |11 pages

Crisis Management in Tourism

ByTony S M Tse

chapter |12 pages

Climate Change and its Implications for International Tourism

ByDavid Viner, Sarah Nicholls

chapter |7 pages

Monitoring as an Approach to Sustainable Tourism

ByGraham Miller, Louise Twining-Ward

chapter |10 pages

Media and Communications

ByRok V Klancnik

chapter |10 pages

Liberalization and Deregulation for Tourism

Implications for Competition
ByAndreas Papatheodorou

chapter |7 pages

New Knowledge in Tourism Research

ByMichael Riley, Edith M Szivas

part |88 pages

New Management

chapter |10 pages

Organizations and Management in the Future

ByColin Hales

chapter |11 pages

Innovation, Creativity and Competitiveness

ByPeter M Burns

chapter |8 pages

Chaos Theory and Managerial Approaches

ByRoslyn A Russell

chapter |14 pages

SMEs in Tourism

ByDimitrios Buhalis, Mike Peters

chapter |8 pages

Managing Globalization

ByFrank Go, Erik van’t Klooster

chapter |10 pages

Resource Management

Social, Cultural, Physical Environment and the Optimization of Impacts
ByDavid J Telfer, Atsuko Hashimoto

chapter |9 pages

Actors, Networks and Tourism Policies

ByBill Bramwell

part |71 pages

New Tools

chapter |12 pages

Consumer Centric Tourism Marketing

ByOuti Niininen, Roger March, Dimitrios Buhalis

chapter |9 pages

Cross – Cultural Tourism Marketing

ByPo-Ju Chen, Abraham Pizam

chapter |14 pages

Information Communication Technology – Revolutionizing Tourism

ByDimitrios Buhalis, Peter O’Connor

chapter |9 pages

Tourism Marketing Information System

Decision Support for the Tourism Manager
ByKarl W Wöber

chapter |10 pages

Forecasting Tourism Demand Using Econometric Models

ByGang Li, Haiyan Song, Stephen F Witt

chapter |8 pages

Tourism Planning, Development and the Territory

ByCarlos Costa

part |8 pages


chapter |6 pages


Tourism Management Dynamics
ByCarlos Costa, Dimitrios Buhalis