World Class Applications shows what real organisations have done to implement Six Sigma, the methodology used, and the results delivered. The book provides details of how these organisations overcame issues with the statistical tools of Six Sigma and provides valuable lessons by explaining what went wrong when implementation failed. Cases cover topics including: Six Sigma in HR; Implementing Six Sigma in the Dow Chemical company; Six Sigma in IT; and Six Sigma to improve reporting quality.

part |124 pages

Applications of Six Sigma in Manufacturing Sector

chapter |21 pages

Six Sigma implementation at Dow Chemical Company: a comprehensive review

ByAshok Kumar, Jaideep Motwani, Jiju Antony

chapter |21 pages

Manufacturing waste reduction using Six Sigma methodology

ByRicardo Bañuelas, Jiju Antony, Martin Brace

chapter |17 pages

Process improvement at Tata Steel using the ASPIRE DMAIC approach

ByD.P. Deshpande, Supratim Halder, Suman Biswas, Arun Raychaudhuri, Asim Choudhary, Ashok Kumar

chapter |19 pages

Improving product reliability using Six Sigma

ByNick Shubotham, Ricardo Bañuelas, Jiju Antony

chapter |17 pages

An application of Six Sigma in an automotive company

ByJiju Antony, Maneesh Kumar, M. K. Tiwari

chapter |27 pages

An application of Six Sigma methodology to the manufacture of coal products

ByEdgardo J. Escalante Vázquez, Ricardo A. Díaz Pérez

part |83 pages

Applications of Six Sigma in Service Sector

part |30 pages

Applications of Six Sigma in Transactional Environments