A collection of international contributions from renowned academics and practitioners from the US, UK, China, the second edition of Fashion Marketing has been completely updated, revised and expanded to reflect the major changes in the fashion industry since 2001 and covers all of the key themes and issues of the area.

Key themes and areas covered include globalization, fast fashion, luxury fashion, offshoring, business-to-business, forecasting, sourcing, supply chain management, new product development, design management, logistics, range planning, color prediction, market testing, e-commerce, and strategy.

chapter |19 pages

Challenges of fashion buying and merchandising

ByMargaret Bruce, Lucy Daly

chapter |18 pages

Developing a research agenda for the internationalization of fashion retailing

ByChristopher M. Moore, Steve Burt

chapter |21 pages

Competitive marketing strategies of luxury fashion companies

ByMargaret Bruce, Christine Kratz

chapter |17 pages

Store environment of fashion retailers: a Hong Kong perspective

ByAlice W. C. Chu, M. C. Lam

chapter |29 pages

Innovation management in creating new fashions

ByBeatrice Le Pechoux, Trevor J. Little, Cynthia L. Istook

chapter |13 pages

Consumers and their negative selves, and the implications for fashion marketing

ByEmma N. Banister, Margaret K. Hogg

chapter |29 pages

Fashion retailer desired and perceived identity

ByTony Hines, Ranis Cheng, Ian Grime

chapter |18 pages

Fashion e-tailing

ByRuth Marciniak, Margaret Bruce

chapter |20 pages

The international flagship stores of luxury fashion retailers

ByChristopher M. Moore, Anne Marie Doherty

chapter |11 pages

The making and marketing of a trend

ByMartin Raymond

chapter |7 pages

Approaches to doing research

ByTony Hines