The tropical belt – where large areas of South East Asia, India, Africa and parts of both North and South America are located – forms the biggest landmass in the world and has one of the highest numbers of rapidly developing cities. Coincidentally, architecture in these regions shares common problems, the most easily identifiable being the tropical conditions of climate and natural environment. The context for architecture here is fraught with conflicts between tradition and modernization, massive influx of rural poor into urban areas, poorly managed rapid urban development as well as the cultural and social strain of globalization.

Many local and overseas architects, planners and city fathers are interested in the social and environmental dimensions of these areas that contribute towards short terms solutions and long term sustainable developments. This book, developed from the first conference of the International Network for Tropical Architecture, supplies a wealth of information from experts worldwide covering the cultural, environmental and technical aspects of thinking, researching and designing for the tropics.

chapter |14 pages

Social and Environmental Dimensions in Tropical Sustainable Architecture

Introductory Comments
ByJoo-Hwa Bay, Boon-Lay Ong

part |42 pages

Architectural and Environmental Theories

chapter |16 pages

The Selective Environment

Environmental Design and Cultural Identity
ByDean Hawkes

chapter |12 pages

Green Design in the Hot Humid Tropical Zone

ByKen Yeang

part |42 pages

High-Rise High-Density Living

chapter |24 pages

Socio-Environmental Dimensions in Tropical Semi-Open Spaces of High-Rise Housing in Singapore

ByJoo-Hwa Bay, Na Wang, Qian Liang, Ping Kong

chapter |16 pages

Beams and Architectural Design in Singapore Public Housing

ByBoon-Lay Ong, Chi-Nguyen Cam

part |49 pages

Building and Planning Requirements

chapter |23 pages

In Search of a Habitable Urban Space-Built Ratio

A Case Study of Building and Planning Regulation in Dhaka City
ByQ.M. Mahtab-uz-Zaman, Fuad H. Mallick, A.Q.M. Abdullah, Jalal Ahmad

part |70 pages

Urban Environmental Impacts

chapter |30 pages

Designing High Density Cities – Para-Metric Studies of Urban Morphologies and Their Implied Environmental Performance

ByEdward Ng, Chan Tak-Yan, Vicky Cheng, Nyuk-Hien Wong, Meiqi Han

chapter |19 pages

The Urban Heat Island Effect in Singapore

ByWong Nyuk-Hien, Chen Yu

chapter |18 pages

Tropical Urban Street Canyons

ByElias Salleh

part |45 pages

Experimental Sustainable Projects

chapter |20 pages

Tropical and Traditional

Inventing a New Housing Model for the Old 36 Streets Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam
ByShoichi Ota

chapter |23 pages

Ecopet 21

An Innovative Sustainable Building System for Ecological Communities in Tropical Regions
ByJosé Roberto García Chávez

part |21 pages

Critique on Tropical Architecture