Festival and Events Management: an international perspective is a unique text looking at the central role of events management in the cultural, tourism and arts industries.

With international contributions from industry and academia, the text looks at the following:
* Events & cultural environments
* Managing the arts & leisure experience
* Marketing, policies and strategies of art and leisure management

Chapters include exercises, and additional teaching materials and solutions to questions are provided as part of an accompanying online resource.

part |50 pages

Part A: Festivals, Events and the Cultural Experience

chapter |11 pages

Introduction to Arts, Culture and Leisure

ByJane Ali-Knight, Martin Robertson

chapter |18 pages

An Overview of Events Management

ByGalal Salem, Nigel Morgan

chapter |19 pages

Festivals, Events and the Destination

ByRos Derrett

part |61 pages

Part B: Managing the Arts, Culture and Leisure Experience

chapter |12 pages

Event Design and Management

Ritual Sacrifice?
BySteve Brown, Jane James

chapter |15 pages

Visitor Management for Festivals and Events

ByIan Yeoman, Martin Robertson, Una McMahon-Beattie

chapter |17 pages

Service Quality and Managing Your People

BySiobhan Drummond, Heather Anderson

part |102 pages

Part C: Marketing, revenue and retail operations

chapter |15 pages

Events and the Destination Dynamic

Edinburgh Festivals, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Marketing
ByMartin Robertson, Kenneth MacMillan Wardrop

chapter |13 pages

Merchandising and Retail

ByStephen A. Doyle

chapter |12 pages

Festival and Event Catering Operations

ByKevin Fields, Paul Stansbie

chapter |19 pages

Principles and Applications in Ticketing and Reservations Management

ByZuleika Beaven, Chantal Laws

chapter |13 pages

The Potential for Revenue Management in Festivals and Events

ByUna McMahon-Beattie, Ian Yeoman

part |93 pages

Part D: Policies and Strategies of Art and Leisure Event Management

chapter |15 pages

Politics, Public Policy and the Destination

ByC. Michael Hall, Kristy Rusher

chapter |14 pages

Event Management for the Arts

A New Zealand Perspective
ByLee Harrison, Fiona McDonald

chapter |13 pages

A Strategic Approach for the use of Sponsorship in the Events Industry

In Search of a Return on Investment
ByGuy R. Masterman

chapter |22 pages

Risk and Decision Making in Events Management

ByPhyllis Laybourn

part |100 pages

Part E: Case studies and contemporary issues of arts and leisure festivals and events

chapter |17 pages

Wine Tourism Events

Apulia, Italy
ByMarina Novelli

chapter |12 pages

Edinburgh's Winter Festival

ByKenneth MacMillan Wardrop, Martin Robertson

chapter |14 pages

Sponsorship, Funding and Strategic Function

Carling Festival and V-Festival
ByPaul Walters, Razaq Raj

chapter |19 pages

The Anglesey Sea Symposium, UK

ByLester D. Matthews