This volume is a complete revision of the 1996 third edition, shares the ever-changing breadth of photographic topics with a special emphasis on digital imaging and contemporary issues. Produced by an international team of photographic and imaging experts with collaboration from the George Eastman House (the world's oldest photography museum), this fourth edition contains essays and photographic reproductions sharing information where photography and imaging serve a primary role, ranging from the atomic to the cosmic.

chapter |21 pages


chapter |153 pages

History and the Evolution of Photography: Mark Osterman and Grant B. Romer

ByPhotography Mark Osterman, Grant B. Romer

chapter |117 pages

Major Themes and Photographers of the 20th Century

ByNancy M. Stuart

chapter |59 pages

Photographic Companies and Applications

ByMichael R. Peres

chapter |80 pages

Digital Photography

ByFranziska S. Frey

chapter |59 pages

Contemporary Issues: J. Tomas Lopez

chapter |128 pages

Scientific Photography: Expanded Vision

ByDavid Malin

chapter |9 pages

Human Vision: Krystel R. Huxlin

chapter |169 pages

20th Century Materials and Process Essentials

ByScott Williams