Pressure on national and local governments to rapidly develop their tourism potential to meet demand and produce benefits, makes it more essential than ever to plan carefully and consider the human and environmental impacts of tourism development. That is why, as Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, I am pleased to see the serious analysis of the problems and prospects of the tourism sector as presented in this third edition.
-- Francesco Frangialli, Secretary-General, World Tourism Organization

Now in its third edition, Global Tourism draws on the insight of thirty-nine contributors to chronicle and foresee the effects of tourism on contemporary society. Contributors provide interdisciplinary, international perspectives on the critical questions, problems, and opportunities facing the tourism industry.

Invaluable to academics and professionals alike, Global Tourism offers a comprehensive exploration of the key issues in tourism. Authors draw on their individual insights to assess and critique contemporary tourism and take a view of the future.

Fully revised and re-developed, new chapters examine:
* The future of tourism
* Difference in travel characteristics of significant travel segments
* Sustainability standards in the global economy
* Crisis management in tourist destinations
* Tourism and social identities
* Tourism, mobility, and global communities

CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Brian Archer (University of Surrey), Gurhan Aktas (T.C. Dokuz Eylul University), Bill Bramwell (Sheffield Hallam University), Peter M Burns (University of Brighton), Nancy E. Chesworth (Mount St. Vincent University), Tim Coles (University of Exeter), Chris Cooper (The University of Queensland), Graham M.S. Dann (University of Luton), Thomas Lea Davidson (Davidson-Peterson Associates, Inc.), Sara Dolnicar (University of Wollongong), David Timothy Duval (University of Otago), Larry Dwyer (University of New South Wales), Xavier Font (Leeds Metropolitan University), Alan Fyall (Bournemouth University), Brian Garrod (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), Donald Getz (University of Calgary), Alison Gill (Simon Fraser University), Frank Go (Erasmus University), Ebru Gunlu (T.C. Dokuz Eylul University), Michael Hall (University of Otago), Simon Hudson (University of Calgary), Donald Macleod (University of Glasgow), David Mercer (RMIT University), Graham Miller (University of Surrey), Michael Morgan (Bournemouth University), Peter Murphy (La Trobe University), Philip Pearce (James Cook University), Stanley C. Plog (Plog Research and SPC Group), Garry Price (La Trobe University), Linda K. Richter (Kansas State University), Lisa Ruhanen (University of Queensland), Chris Ryan (University of Waikato), Gordon D. Taylor (Tourism Canada, retired)), William F. Theobald (Purdue University), Seldjan Timur (University of Calgary), Birgit Trauer (University of Queensland), Stephen Wanhill (Bournemouth University), Peter W. Williams (Simon Fraser University)

part |73 pages

Clarification and Meaning

chapter |20 pages

The Meaning, Scope, and Measurement of Travel and Tourism

ByWilliam F. Theobald

chapter |7 pages

What are Travel and Tourism

Are they Really an Industry?
ByThomas Lea Davidson

chapter |20 pages

Nostalgia in the Noughties

ByGraham M.S. Dann

chapter |22 pages

From Competition to Collaboration in the Tourism Industry

ByAlan Fyall, Brian Garrod

part |87 pages

Part Two Results and Residuals

chapter |24 pages

The Positive and Negative Impacts of Tourism

ByBrian Archer, Chris Cooper, Lisa Ruhanen

chapter |20 pages

The Role of Relationships in the Tourist Experience

ByPhilip L. Pearce

chapter |22 pages

The ‘New Pastoral Industry?'

Tourism and Indigenous Australia
ByDavid Mercer

part |104 pages

Changing Directions

chapter |27 pages

Tourism and Sustainable Development

ByPeter E. Murphy, Garry G. Price

chapter |18 pages

Stakeholder Involvement in Sustainable Tourism

Balancing the Voices
ByDonald Getz, Seldjan Timur

chapter |19 pages

Ethical Considerations in Sustainable Tourism

BySimon Hudson, Graham Miller

part |96 pages

Places and Products

chapter |23 pages

Targeting Segments

More Important than Ever in the Travel Industry
ByStanley C. Plog

chapter |15 pages

Travel Styles

ByGordon D. Taylor, Nancy E. Chesworth

chapter |17 pages

Empirical Market Segmentation

What you See is what you Get
BySara Dolnicar

chapter |20 pages

Developing Strategic Approaches to Tourism Destination Marketing

The Australian Experience
ByBill (H.W.) Faulkner

chapter |17 pages

Quality and Sustainability in Established Destinations

Who Pays?
ByMichael Morgan

part |95 pages

Bureaucracy and Procedure

chapter |24 pages

Role of Government Incentives

ByStephen Wanhill

chapter |18 pages

Crisis Management in Tourist Destinations

ByGurhan Aktas, Ebru A. Gunlu

part |87 pages

People, Places, Things

chapter |19 pages

Tourism, Mobility, and Global Communities

New Approaches to Theorising Tourism and Tourist Spaces
ByTim Coles, David Timothy Duval, C. Michael Hall

chapter |19 pages

Aging Populations

Trends and the Emergence of the Nomad Tourist
ByChris Ryan, Birgit Trauer