Niche Tourism examines one of the fastest growing areas within the tourism sector.

This book provides an integrated picture of speciality/niche tourism as a whole looking at both the 'macro' and 'micro' niche area. It has a comprehensive theoretical framework, and discusses initiatives, policies and strategies adopted internationally. With an emphasis on linking theory to practice, it is underpinned by up-to-date international case studies from around the world.

Divided into 3 parts, it covers a variety of aspects under the headings of special interest tourism, tradition and culture base tourism and activity-based tourism.

chapter |10 pages

Niche tourism: an introduction

ByMike Robinson, Marina Novelli

part |86 pages

Part Ispecial Interest Tourism

chapter |11 pages

Photographic Tourism

Shooting the Innocuous, Making Meaning of Tourist Photographic Behaviour
ByCatherine Palmer, Jo-Anne Lester

chapter |11 pages


Appreciating the Deep Time of Landscapes
ByThomas A. Hose

chapter |8 pages

Youth Tourism

Finally Coming of Age?
ByGreg Richards, Julie Wilson

chapter |12 pages

Dark Tourism

The Appealing ‘dark' Side of Tourism and More
ByPeter E. Tarlow

chapter |14 pages

Genealogy Tourism

The Scottish Market Opportunities
ByMoira Birtwistle

chapter |16 pages

Gastronomic Tourism

Comparing Food and Wine Tourism Experiences
ByC. Michael Hall, Richard Mitchell

chapter |10 pages

Transport Tourism

Travelling Through Heritage and Contemporary Recreation
ByDerek Hall

part |44 pages

Tradition and Culture-Based Tourism

chapter |10 pages

Tribal Tourism ‘cannibal Tours'

Tribal Tourism in Hidden Places
ByPeter M. Burns, Yana Figurova

chapter |8 pages

Cultural Heritage Tourism

Being, Not Looking: Beyond the Tourism Brochure of Greece
ByEugenia Wickens

chapter |10 pages

Tourism in Peripheral Regions

Discovering the Hidden Histories of Italy
ByRosalina Grumo, Antonietta Ivona

chapter |10 pages

Research Tourism

Professional Travel for Useful Discoveries
ByAngela Benson

part |67 pages

Activity-Based Tourism

chapter |11 pages

Small Ship Cruising

From Muddy Rivers to Blue Lagoons
ByNgaire Douglas, Norman Douglas

chapter |14 pages

Sport Tourism

Small-Scale Sport Event Tourism: The Changing Dynamics of the New Zealand Masters Games
ByBrent Ritchie

chapter |12 pages

Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife Use Vs Local Gain: Trophy Hunting in Namibia
ByMarina Novelli, Michael N. Humavindu

chapter |18 pages

Volunteer Tourism

Deconstructing Volunteer Activities within a Dynamic Environment
ByMichelle Callanan, Sarah Thomas

chapter |9 pages

Adventure Tourism

Hard Decisions, Soft Options and Home for Tea: Adventure on the Hoof
ByGraham Shephard, Sarah Evans

part |40 pages

The Future of Niche Tourism

chapter |10 pages

Space Tourism

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Space as the Destination of the Future
ByDavid T. Duval

chapter |9 pages

Virtual Tourism

A Niche in Cultural Heritage
ByDavid Arnold

chapter |13 pages

Ethical Tourism

Is Its Future in Niche Tourism?
ByClare Weeden

chapter |4 pages

Niche Tourism

A Way Forward to Sustainability?
ByMarina Novelli, Angela Benson