Tom Crone's classic text has been thoroughly revised by an impressive team of legal experts. It provides an essential source of reference for the key legal issues encountered by those who work in the media such as journalists, editors and producers, as well as media lawyers.

Topics covered include:

Protection of Reputation
Copyright and Rights Clearance
New Media
Breach of Confidence and Privacy
The Data Protection Act 1998
Reporting Restrictions, Contempt of Court and Protection of Journalistic Sources
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Official Secrets
Professional Regulatory Bodies and Advertising
The Human Rights Act 1998
The Law in Scotland and the United States of America

Comprehensive supplementary reference material is also provided, including a glossary of legal terms, addresses, telephone numbers and web sites of professional bodies, and specimen agreements including interview agreements and moral rights waivers.

With contributions from: Terence Bergin, Marietta Cauchi, Jane Colston, Mark Cranwell, Charles de Fleurieu, Simon Dowson-Collins, David Green, Peter Grundberg, Rebecca Handler, Joanna Ludlam, Rosalind McInnes, Hugh Tomlinson and John Wadham.

part |39 pages

Protection of Reputation

chapter |31 pages


ByMarietta Cauchi

chapter |6 pages

Blasphemy, Seditious Libel and Criminal Libel

ByDavid Green

part |46 pages

Intellectual Property

chapter |22 pages


ByMark Cranwell

chapter |15 pages

New Media

ByEstelle Overs

chapter |7 pages

Rights Clearances

ByPhilip Alberstat

part |44 pages


chapter |15 pages

Breach of Confidence

ByJoanna Ludlam

chapter |10 pages

The Data Protection Act 1998

ByTerence Bergin

chapter |17 pages

The ‘New’ Right to Privacy

ByPeter Grundberg

part |62 pages

Comment on Court Proceedings

chapter |33 pages

Reporting Restrictions

ByJane Colston

chapter |18 pages

Contempt of Court

BySimon Dowson-Collins

chapter |9 pages

Protection of Journalistic Sources

ByJoanna Ludlam

part |9 pages

Prevention of Publication

chapter |7 pages

Prior Restraint

ByHugh Tomlinson QC

part |44 pages

State Restriction on Publication

chapter |16 pages

Freedom of Information

ByCharles de Fleurieu

chapter |12 pages

Official Secrets

ByJohn Wadham

chapter |7 pages

Parliamentary Proceedings and Elections

ByTom Cassels, Rebecca Handler

part |20 pages

Media Regulation

chapter |14 pages

Professional Regulatory Bodies

ByTom Cassels

chapter |4 pages


ByTom Cassels, Rebecca Handler

part |19 pages

The Law under the European Convention on Human Rights

chapter |17 pages

The Human Rights Act 1998

ByHugh Tomlinson QC

part |37 pages

The Law in Other Jurisdictions

chapter |16 pages

The Law in Scotland

ByRosalind McInnes

chapter |19 pages

The Law in the United States of America

ByEstelle Overs