First Published in 1998. This text explores how economists and public policy makers are re-thinking the way in which governments monitor, measure and influence an economy in an unbounded global environment where output is largely intangible and organisations are becoming are becoming increasingly non-national in scope. Through a collection of seminal articles written by prominent business people, academics, and public policy makers, this three anthology examines the key issues surrounding the economic impact of knowledge-based growth.

part |105 pages

The Effect of Knowledge on National Economies

chapter |14 pages


Rethinking Economics in the Knowledge-Based Economy

chapter |7 pages

Falling Behind

The Productivity Problem

chapter |16 pages

Intellectual Property

America's Competitive Advantage in the Twenty-first Century

chapter |13 pages

Power Shift

The Age of Non-State Actors

part |53 pages

A Tool Kit for Businesses in the Knowledge-Based Economy

chapter |6 pages


chapter |7 pages

The Knowledge-Based Economy

From the Economics of Knowledge to the Learning Economy

chapter |5 pages

The Idea of Ideas

chapter |23 pages

Knowledge Buyers, Sellers, and Brokers

The Political Economy of Knowledge

chapter |13 pages

The Knowledge-Creating Company

part |152 pages

The Measurement of Knowledge

chapter |12 pages


chapter |21 pages

Measures that Matter

An Exploratory Investigation of Investors' Information Needs and Value Priorities