The key to the success of a company is their ability to co-ordinate the key supply chain i.e their key suppliers and suppliers of suppliers. 'Food and Drink Supply Chain Management' looks specifically at the supply chain in the food and drink industry to provide readers with an understanding of the areas as it is now and its growing importance, and where it is going in the future.

'Food and Drink Supply Chain Management' is the first to take an in-depth view into the supply chain function in the hospitality and food retail sectors. Authored by a range of expert contributors the text looks at issues such as:

* New food processes and GM foods
* Volume catering and JIT (Just In Time) and Food Safety
* Relationships between companies and with stakeholders and responsibilities to these groups
* The internationalisation of the food chain
* The future of the food and drink supply chain and its management

Examples and case studies from large international retail and hospitality organizations are used, such as: Bass, Stakis (Hilton), and Tesco, amongst others, to illustrate good and bad practice.

part |124 pages

The Supply Chain

chapter |18 pages

The catering and food retail industries: a contextual insight

ByJane F. Eastham, Stephen D. Ball, Liz Sharples

chapter |16 pages

Food and society

BySean Beer

chapter |18 pages

The scope and structure of the food supply chain

ByKathryn Webster

chapter |35 pages

Concepts of collaboration: supply chain management in a global food industry

ByAndrew Fearne, David Hughes, Rachel Duffy

part |99 pages

The Management of the Supply Chain

chapter |22 pages

Strategic supply and the management of relationships

ByPaul D. Cousins

chapter |17 pages

Logistics and information management

ByDenis Towill

chapter |21 pages

Relationship marketing

ByTerry Robinson

chapter |20 pages

Supply chains: issues in management accounting

ByAnthony J. Berry, John Cullen, William Seal

part |18 pages

Supply Chain Perspectives

chapter |9 pages

Internationalization of food retailing

ByNicholas Alexander

part |52 pages

Supply Chain Perspectives

part |29 pages

Supply Chain Perspectives