'Franchising in the Hospitality Industry' provides an overview of the issues, debates and challenges associated with business franchising.

In two parts, this text firstly looks at the issues from both an academic and practitioner perspective. The second part looks more closely at service sector groups in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, leisure and catering using national and international examples and illustrations. These demonstrate how the theories and debates discussed in the first part, are tackled in real life situations. Examples used are from well known companies such as McDonalds, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, Choice Hotels, Holiday Inn, Domino Pizza, Pierre Victoire amongst others.

part |142 pages

Franchising Organization and Debates

chapter |19 pages

An introduction

ByStephen Taylor

chapter |22 pages

History and development

ByChristina Fulop

chapter |24 pages

Franchising research: a failed literature?

ByStuart Price

chapter |24 pages

Entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs?

ByAlison Morrison

chapter |22 pages

Empowered franchisees?

ByConrad Lashley

chapter |29 pages

Financial fundamentals

ByAlison Morrison, Angus Macmillan

part |124 pages

Franchising at Sub-sector Level

chapter |25 pages


ByStephen Ball

chapter |22 pages


ByStephen Taylor

chapter |27 pages

Licensed retail

ByConrad Lashley, Guy Lincoln

chapter |25 pages

Travel trade and transport

ByLesley Pender

chapter |23 pages

The case of McDonald's Restaurants Limited

ByConrad Lashley