This book aims to be a showcase for cutting edge research offering a high-edited selection of the best paper submitted to the 2006 tourism conference at the University of Surrey, which itself is a celebration of 40 years of tourism education at the University. The emphasis of the book is on contributions which offer new insights and approaches to tourism research rather than case studies or applications of existing research methods to new contexts, and this is where the book is unique.

section |14 pages

A Review of Tourism Research

chapter |12 pages

A Review of Tourism Research

ByJohn Tribe, David Airey

section |122 pages

Researching Tourism Business

chapter |14 pages

Tourism in The Gambia — Ten Years On

BySharpley Richard

chapter |12 pages

Assessing Tourism Yield: An Analysis of Public Sector Costs and Benefits

ByDavid G. Simmons, Susanne Becken, Ross Cullen

chapter |16 pages

Developing a GIS-supported Tourist Flow Model for New Zealand

BySusanne Becken, Shane Vuletich, Scott Campbell

section |94 pages

Researching Tourism Experiences and Challenges

chapter |12 pages

Tourists on Tourists: The Impact of Other People on Destination Experience

ByCathy Guthrie, Alistair Anderson

chapter |16 pages

A Tale of Two Precincts

ByBruce Hayllar, Tony Griffin

chapter |14 pages

Tourism and Regional Competitiveness

ByC. Michael Hall

section |16 pages

An Agenda for Tourism Research

chapter |14 pages

An Agenda for Cutting-Edge Research in Tourism

ByDonna Chambers