Over the last decade, commentaries and research on urban tourism precincts have predominantly focused on: their role in the tourism attractions mix; their physical and functional forms; their economic significance; their role as a catalyst for urban renewal; their evolution and associated development processes; and, perhaps more broadly, their role, locality and function within the context of urban planning.

City Spaces – Tourist Places both consolidates and develops the extant knowledge of urban tourism precincts into a coherent research driven contemporary work. It revisits and examines the foundational literature but, more importantly, engages with aspects of precinct development that have previously been either underdeveloped or received only limited consideration, such as the psychological and socio-cultural dimensions of the precinct experience. Written by an international team of contributors it provides the reader with:

* A comprehensive analysis of foundational theory and cutting-edge advances in the knowledge of the precinct phenomenon
* An examination of previously underdeveloped topics and themes based on contemporary and ground-breaking research
* Typological and theoretical frameworks in which to locate precinct form, function and experience

Brilliantly edited to ensure theoretical continuity and coherence City Spaces – Tourist Places is vital reading for anyone involved in the study or planning of urban tourism precincts.

part |91 pages


part |150 pages

Key Themes and Issues

chapter |11 pages

Urban Tourism Precincts

An Overview of Key Themes and Issues

chapter |20 pages

Precincts Within the Urban Form

Relationships with the City

chapter |23 pages

The Structure and Form of Urban Tourism Precincts

Setting the Stage for Tourist Performances

chapter |20 pages

Visitor–Host Relationships

Conviviality Between Visitors and Host Communities

part |113 pages

III Precincts in Practice

chapter |14 pages

Grote Markt Groningen

The Re-heritagization of the Public Realm

chapter |20 pages

Darling Harbour

Looking Back and Moving Forward

chapter |23 pages

London's ‘South Bank’ 1 Precinct

From Post-industrial Wasteland to Managed Precinct

chapter |21 pages

Sheffield City Centre

The Heart of the City Precinct

chapter |15 pages

Exploiting the Benefits of World Heritage Listing

Evora, Portugal and Hoi An, Vietnam

part |18 pages

Lessons for Theory and Practice