This book is a comprehensive guide to buying and developing multimedia in the most cost-effective manner. Focusing on the human factors in producing multimedia, rather than just the software, Buying and Selling Multimedia Services is aimed at both buyers and sellers of multimedia services and draws on real-world anecdotes¦war stories¦from project diaries and first-hand experience, to provide examples of the key ideas delineated within the book. These are true stories culled from 25 years of working on both sides of the desk as a purchaser of creative services for a Fortune 500 company and as a producer and seller for one of the largest multimedia production shops in the country.

This book helps the multimedia producer and buyer to recognize flaws in past performances and to anticipate situations in future projects in order to save money and eliminate boardroom confrontations. Accusations, altercations, and recriminations can be avoided and the bottom line enhanced with the production of an effective product targeted to a receptive audience. Souter examines the skills necessary to both the producer and the purchaser of multimedia, allowing each to see the others' problems and viewpoints. Viewing the multimedia project from both sides, as both buyer and seller, Souter highlights the issues which will allow for effective communication between parties, resulting in a better product and a more creative relationship among all involved.

In the second part of the book, Souter provides a comprehensive guide to all the digital formats available, to help the buyer and the developer select the most appropriate for a given project.

part 1|147 pages

Part One

chapter 1|5 pages

What is Multimedia?

ByGerry Souter, Gerry Souter

chapter 2|11 pages

Prelaunch Thoughts

ByGerry Souter

chapter 3|10 pages

Organizing for Project Launch

ByGerry Souter

chapter 4|11 pages

And, Finally, Help for the Jargon-Challenged

ByGerry Souter

chapter 5|20 pages

Building the Request for Proposal

ByGerry Souter

chapter 6|12 pages

Ground Rules for Submitting a Request for Proposal

ByGerry Souter

chapter 7|12 pages

Meeting the Developer – Vendors

ByGerry Souter

chapter 8|8 pages

Examples of Proposal Project Description

ByGerry Souter

chapter 9|26 pages

More on the Proposal Style and Implications

ByGerry Souter

chapter 10|27 pages

Managing a Multimedia Project

ByGerry Souter

part 2|88 pages

Part Two

chapter 11|4 pages

A Guide to Digital Media

ByGerry Souter

chapter 12|2 pages

In the Beginning

The Floppy and Why It Still Lives
ByGerry Souter

chapter 13|2 pages

Hard Drive

Speed Champ and Getting Bigger Every Year
ByGerry Souter

chapter 14|6 pages


The Format That Refuses to Die
ByGerry Souter

chapter 15|5 pages


The Ubiquitous Media for All Permutations
ByGerry Souter

chapter 16|6 pages


Interactivity in a Box
ByGerry Souter

chapter 17|3 pages


A Sony Recordable Solution for a Rushed Schedule
ByGerry Souter

chapter 18|5 pages


Golden Solution for a Short Stack
ByGerry Souter

chapter 19|4 pages


Digital Pix from Your Camera Store
ByGerry Souter

chapter 20|4 pages


The Five-Inch Digital Video Disc
ByGerry Souter

chapter 21|5 pages

Tansportable Media on the Cusp

A Digital Catchall
ByGerry Souter

chapter 22|2 pages

The Internet

What’s There, What’s Not There, and Why Not
ByGerry Souter, Gerry Souter

chapter 23|12 pages

Direct Internet Use

Standing There with a Handful of Web
ByGerry Souter

chapter 24|4 pages

Managing the Web Spinning Process

ByGerry Souter

chapter 25|6 pages

Movin’ On

Crossing Between CD-ROM and the Internet
ByGerry Souter

chapter 26|10 pages

The Cable Modem

ByGerry Souter

chapter 27|2 pages

It’s a Wrap

ByGerry Souter