Examining how youths in fourteen industrialized societies make the transition to adulthood in an era of globalization and rising uncertainty, this collection of essays investigates the impact that institutions working with social groups of youths have upon those youths' abilities to make adult decisions determining their life courses.

Covering both Europe and North America, the book includes case studies, and contains country-specific contributions on conservative, social-democratic, post-socialist, liberal and familistic welfare regimes, as well as data from the GLOBALIFE project.

Filling the gap in the market on the micro effects of globalization on individuals, and taking an empirical approach to the topic, this impressive volume brings the individual and nation-specific institutions back into the discussion on globalization.

part |45 pages


chapter |23 pages

Globalization, Uncertainty and the Early Life Course

A Theoretical Framework 1
ByMelinda Mills, Hans-Peter Blossfeld

chapter |22 pages

Globalization and the Early Life Course

A Description of Selected Economic and Demographic Trends
ByErik Klijzing

part |88 pages

Country-Specific Contributions on Conservative Welfare Regimes

chapter |32 pages

Case Study Germany

Global Competition, Uncertainty and the Transition to Adulthood
ByKarin Kurz, Nikolei Steinhage, Katrin Golsch

chapter |22 pages

Transition From Youth to Adulthood in the Netherlands

ByAart C. Liefbroer

chapter |31 pages

The Case of France

Family Formation in an Uncertain Labor Market
ByAnnick Kieffer, Catherine Marry, Monique Meron, Anne Solaz

part |41 pages

Country-Specific Contributions on Social-Democratic Welfare Regimes

chapter |21 pages

Elements of Uncertainty in Life Courses

Transitions to Adulthood in Sweden
ByMagnus Bygren, Ann-Zofie Duvander, Mia Hultin

chapter |18 pages

Transitions to Adulthood in Norway

ByØivind Anti Nilsen

part |77 pages

Country-Specific Contributions on Post-Socialist Welfare Regimes

chapter |37 pages

Transition to Adulthood in Estonia

Evidence From the Ffs 1
ByKalev Katus, Allan Puur, Luule Sakkeus

part |81 pages

Country-Specific Contributions on Post-Socialist Welfare Regimes

chapter |30 pages

The Process of Globalization and Transitions to Adulthood in Britain

ByMarco Francesconi, Katrin Golsch

chapter |28 pages

The Transition to Adulthood in Canada

The Impact of Irregular Work Shifts in a 24-Hour Economy 1
ByMelinda Mills

chapter |22 pages

The Case of American Women1

Globalization and the Transition to Adulthood in an Individualistic Regime
ByRosalind Berkowitz King

part |101 pages

Country-Specific Contributions on Familistic Welfare Regimes

chapter |22 pages

Globalization and the Transition to Adulthood in Mexico

ByEmilio A. Parrado

chapter |26 pages

Globalization and the transition to adulthood in Italy

Fabrizio Bernardi and Tiziana Nazio
ByHans-Peter Blossfeld, Erik Klijzing, Melinda Mills, Karin Kurz

chapter |30 pages

The Spanish Case

The Effects of the Globalization Process On the Transition to Adulthood
ByCarles Simó Noguera, Teresa Castro Martín, Asunción Soro Bonmatí

chapter |23 pages

Ireland and Economic Globalization

The Experiences of a Small Open Economy
ByRichard Layte, Philip J. O’Connell, Tony Fahey, Selina McCoy

part |21 pages

Conclusions and Discussion

chapter |21 pages

Becoming an Adult in Uncertain Times

A 14-Country Comparison of the Losers of Globalization
ByMelinda Mills, Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Erik Klijzing