The concept of community is increasingly the focus of political argument in Britain, the United States and elsewhere around the world. The sense people have of belonging to coummunities provides a powerful motivation which continues to affecct the political and social face of the world. Recently, debate about the relationship between individuals and their communities has become central to the making of both, American and European social policy. In the United Kingdom this is especially apparent in the area of health care, where ideas of community have informed recent legislation concerning community care, community health trusts and the Children Act among others.
This volume explores the focus of interest in community and the emerging theoretical oppostion between communitarianism and liberalism, as well as the practical, theoretical and ethical issues relating to community in the health care professions, including a discussion of the health service as Civil Association, an analysis of liberal and communitarian views on the allocaiton of health care resources, an exploration of the use of genetic information and an examination of health care decision making for incapacitated elderly patients.

chapter |14 pages


Health care ethics: liberty, community or participation?
ByParker Michael

chapter |15 pages

The Health Service as Civil Association

ByAndrew Edgar

chapter |17 pages

All You Need is Health

Liberal and communitarian views on the allocation of health care resources
ByHub Zwart

chapter |15 pages

Return to Community

The ethics of exclusion and inclusion
ByChris Heginbotham

chapter |17 pages

Community Disintegration or Moral Panic?

Young people and family care
ByDonna Dickenson

chapter |17 pages

Contracting Care in the Community

ByMichael Hammond

chapter |16 pages

Virtual Genetic Counselling

A European perspective on the role of information technology in genetic counselling
ByRuth Chadwick, Kim Petrie

chapter |23 pages

Cultural Diversity and the Limits of Tolerance

BySirkku Hellsten

chapter |19 pages

Ethics, Community and the Elderly

Health care decision-making for incompetent elderly patients
ByMark R. Wicclair

chapter |18 pages

Power, Lies and Injustice

The exclusion of service users' voices
ByVivien Lindow

chapter |16 pages

Ethical Codes

The protection of patients or practitioners?
ByJ. Stuart Horner