None of us can avoid being interested in food. Our very existence depends on the supply of safe, nutritious foods. It is then hardly surprising that food has become the focus of a wide range of ethical concerns: Is the food we buy safe? Is it produced by means which respect the welfare of animals and sustain the land? Are modern biotechnologies employed in food production immoral?
This book addresses such issues by applying ethical principles to many areas of current concern. The contributors provide original and thought-provoking treatments of a number of highly topical issues - from global hunger and its ethical implications to the cultural habits affecting consumption. This interdisciplinary study will prove to be essential reading for all those concerned with food, as professionals, students or consumers.

chapter |17 pages

Global Hunger: Moral Dilemmas

ByNigel Dower

chapter |17 pages

Food Aid and Trade

ByJohn S. Marsh

chapter |14 pages

Sustainable Food Systems 1

ByJeremy Cherfas

chapter |15 pages

Animals As Food Producers

ByAndrew Johnson

chapter |20 pages

The Equation Between Food Production, Nutrition and Health

ByMichael Crawford, Keb Ghebremeskel

chapter |17 pages

Food Safety: The Ethical Dimensions

ByErik Millstone

chapter |18 pages

Bread to Biotechnology: Cultural Aspects of Food Ethics

ByLeslie Gofton

chapter |16 pages

Consumer Sovereignty As Ethical Practice in Food Marketing

ByRobert Hamilton

chapter |16 pages

Ethical Issues in Agricultural and Food Research Policy

ByBen Mepham