Professionalism, Boundaries and the Workplace is a practical text that examines a range of sensitive issues concerned with managing and maintaining professional boundaries between worker and client. It uses experiences from probation, social work, the NHS, small business and church settings. A number of issues are addressed including:
*the relationship between personal and professional values
*changing professional-client relationships
*definitions of 'being professional'
*conflicts arising from different understandings of professionalism.

chapter |4 pages


ByNigel Malin

part |60 pages

Professionalism, boundaries and the health/social care context

chapter |18 pages

Professionalism and boundaries of the formal sector

The example of social and community care
ByNigel Malin

chapter |22 pages

Professionalism in everyday practice

Issues of trust, experience and boundaries
ByKatie Deverell, Ursula Sharma

chapter |18 pages

Professionalism and user self-advocacy

BySteve McNally

part |55 pages

Professionalism and enterprise culture

chapter |20 pages

Boundary work and the (un)making of the professions

ByValérie Fournier

chapter |14 pages

Colleagues or clients?

The relationship between clergy and church members
ByHelen Cameron

part |37 pages

Professionalism and new managerialism

chapter |16 pages

The retreat from professionalism

From social worker to care manager
ByMark Lymbery

part |52 pages

Professionalism and credentialism

chapter |17 pages

From befriending to punishing

Changing boundaries in the probation service
ByTina Eadie

chapter |17 pages

Professionalism definitions in ‘managing' health services

Perspectives on the differing views of clinicians and general managers in an NHS Trust
ByReva Berman Brown, Sean McCartney

chapter |16 pages

Betwixt and between

Part-time GPs and the flexible working question
ByRuth Pinder

part |53 pages

Professionalism and emotion management

chapter |15 pages

Mixed feelings

Emotion management in a caring profession
BySharon C. Bolton

chapter |14 pages

The ‘fat envelope patient'

Dynamics between the patient, the doctor and the osteopath in some UK National Health Service Settings
ByRichenda Power

chapter |19 pages

Emotions, boundaries and medical care

The use of complementary medicine by people with cancer
BySteve Killigrew

chapter |3 pages


The use of complementary medicine by people with cancer
ByNigel Malin