This book provides a unique social science reading on the construction of nation, gender and sexuality and on the interactions among them. It includes international case studies from Indonesia, Ireland, former Yugoslavia, Liberia, Sri Lanka, Australia, the USA, Turkey, China, India and the Caribbean.
The contributors offer both the masculine and feminine perspective, exposing how nations are comprised of sexed bodies, and exploring the gender ironies of nationalism and how sexuality plays a key role in nation building and in sustaining national identity.
The contributors conclude that control over access to the benefits of belonging to the nation is invariably gendered; nationalism becomes the language through which sexual control and repression is justified masculine prowess is expressed and exercised. Whilst it is men who claim the prerogatives of nation and nation building it is, for the most part, women who actually accept the obligation of nation and nation building.

chapter |22 pages

Gender ironies of nationalism

Setting the stage
ByTamar Mayer

chapter |38 pages

Spectacular sexuality

Nationalism, development and the politics of family planning in Indonesia
ByLeslie K. Dwyer

chapter |22 pages

Death of a nation

Transnationalism, bodies and abortion in late twentieth-century Ireland
ByAngela K. Martin

chapter |22 pages

Sexing the nation/desexing the body

Politics of national identity in the former Yugoslavia
ByJulie Mostov

chapter |24 pages

Uneasy images

Contested representations of gender, modernity and nationalism in pre-war Liberia
ByMary H. Moran

chapter |22 pages

“Am I a woman in these matters?” 1

Notes on Sinhala nationalism and gender in Sri Lanka
ByJeanne Marecek

chapter |22 pages

Native sex

Sex rites, land rights and the making of Aboriginal civic culture
ByElizabeth A. Povinelli

chapter |25 pages

Calligraphy, gender and Chinese nationalism

ByTamara Hamlish

chapter |21 pages

Nationalism and Caribbean masculinity

ByLinden Lewis

chapter |25 pages

From zero to hero

Masculinity in Jewish nationalism
ByTamar Mayer

chapter |22 pages

Angry white men

Right exclusionary nationalism and left identity politics
ByAndrew Light, William Chaloupka