Although pupil disaffection has been a major concern to professionals, policy makers and researchers for quite some time, recent professional books in the area tend to focus on behaviour and exclusion from schools. Despite considerable government funding in both LEA's and schools- to promote new measures to improve school attendance, non-attendance at school is a relatively neglected topic as far as serious researched-based literature is concerned. This book will be the first in several years concerned with non-attendance.
Previously unpublished research material in the book will provide a multi-disciplinary evaluation of practice at LEA, whole school and individual levels.

chapter |15 pages

Theoretical Debates and Legislative Framework

ByJudith Milner, Eric Blyth

chapter |16 pages

Combating Truancy

The Scottish approach
ByBrian Boyd

chapter |19 pages

School Attendance and the Role of Law in England and Wales

ByJon Blacktop, Eric Blyth

chapter |22 pages

The Effective Collection and Analysis of Attendance Data

ByIan Stokes, Jo Walton

chapter |18 pages

The Essential Elements of an Effective Attendance Policy

ByKay Bardsley, Peter Costa, Jo Walton

chapter |13 pages

Strategies for Improving School Attendance

ByDouglas MacIldowie

chapter |10 pages

Proactive Primary Approaches to Non-Attendance

ByBeverley Lewis

chapter |15 pages

Raising Expectations at Don Valley High School

ByBob Johnson

chapter |12 pages

Doing Better

Improving the educational experiences of looked-after children and young people
ByEric Blyth, Dorothy Jessop, Judith Milner

chapter |21 pages

Student Support Groups

ByMike Haworth, Kay Bardsley