Psychotherapy is an area that has seen huge growth in prominence and practice. The range of theoretical schools that have emerged means that practitioners are striving to amalgamate and synthesise new approaches and theories.

New Approaches to Integration in Psychotherapy provides a snapshot of the latest theoretical and clinical developments in the field of integration. Eleanor O'Leary and Mike Murphy bring together contributors from a range of theoretical backgrounds who present new frameworks, theoretical integrations, clinical developments and related research. They critique existing research and provide a thorough overview of the historical development of the movement towards integration in psychotherapy. The book is divided into three sections, covering the following subjects in depth:

  • Frameworks and Theoretical Integrations
  • Professional and Clinical Integrations and Special Populations
  • Issues for Professional Consideration

This book will be welcomed by anyone interested in investigating integrative approaches to psychotherapy. In particular, it will have direct relevance to academics involved in training and research on psychotherapy, psychotherapists, counsellors and clinical psychologists.

part Part I|102 pages

Frameworks and theoretical integrations

chapter Chapter 1|9 pages

The need for integration

ByEleanor O’Leary

chapter Chapter 2|13 pages

A framework for integrative psychotherapy

ByEleanor O’Leary, Mike Murphy

chapter Chapter 3|13 pages

Person-centred gestalt therapy

ByEleanor O’Leary

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

The narrative metaphor and the quest for integration in psychotherapy

ByJarl Wahlström

chapter Chapter 5|11 pages

Gestalt reminiscence therapy

ByEleanor O’Leary, Nicola Barry

chapter Chapter 6|13 pages


An integration of clinical hypnosis and psychodynamic therapy
ByPeter J. Hawkins

chapter Chapter 7|14 pages

Integrative psychotherapy of schizophrenic symptoms: Recent developments

ByJoannis N. Nestoros

chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

Multimodal stress therapy

An integrative approach
ByPatrizia Collard

part Part II|73 pages

Professional and clinical integrations and special populations

chapter Chapter 9|11 pages

The integrating collaboration of a psychologist with a psychiatrist

ByJoannis N. Nestoros, Konstantia A. Zgantzouri, Nikitas E. Polemikos

chapter Chapter 10|13 pages

Some practical issues in working integratively with children and parents

ByNikitas E. Polemikos, Christina F. Papaeliou

chapter Chapter 11|12 pages

Psychosocial interventions in families with an ill member

Possibilities and experiences
ByJosé Navarro Góngora

chapter Chapter 12|14 pages

Ameliorating interrelating within families of psychotic persons: An integrative approach

ByArgyroula E. Kalaitzaki, Joannis N. Nestoros

chapter Chapter 13|12 pages

Breathing and awareness

The integrating mechanisms of cognitive-behavioural gestalt therapy in working with cardiac patients
ByEleanor O’Leary

chapter Chapter 14|9 pages

Integrating the personal and professional development of therapists

ByEleanor O’Leary, Geraldine Sheedy

part Part III|27 pages

Issues for professional consideration

chapter Chapter 15|13 pages

Integrating spiritual and religious factors into psychological treatment

Why and how
ByAlex H.S. Harris, Samuel D. Standard, Carl E. Thoresen

chapter Chapter 16|12 pages

Integration of ethics and practice

ByRonny Swain

part Part IV|7 pages


chapter Chapter 17|5 pages

Psychotherapy integration

A journey in small steps
ByEleanor O’Leary, Mike Murphy