Health constitutes a core element of welfare states and a vital nerve in the trust relation between citizen and their governments. Focusing on the health sector, this book analyzes the closely interwoven relationship between the European Union and Member States.
The authors explore the dynamic and multi-fold process of de-nationalizing health policies and illustrate how European policies develop in a sector that still appears to be under exclusively national competence. They describe the multiple forms and ways the Europeanization process takes, driven by market integration, public health crises and politics of consumer protection. The authors also provide a detailed analysis of key topics: the pharmaceutical sector, market regulation of medical goods and devices, food safety, the blood provision and plasma industry, European politics on bioethics, and risk reduction in the field of drug abuse.
Providing a comprehensive and informed assessment of the Europeanization process in the field of health policies, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of health, European integration and policy-making.

chapter |17 pages

The Europeanization of health policies

ByMonika Steffen, Wolfram Lamping, Juhani Lehto

chapter |31 pages

European integration and health policy

A peculiar relationship
ByWolfram Lamping

chapter |32 pages

The Europeanization of regulatory policy in the EU pharmaceutical sector

ByGovin Permanand, Elias Mossialos

chapter |32 pages

Bridging European and member state implementation

The case of medical goods, in vitro diagnostics and equipment
ByChrista Altenstetter

chapter |21 pages

European food safety policies

Between a single market and a political crisis
ByChristophe Clergeau

chapter |18 pages

The emergence of EU governance in public health

The case of blood policy and regulation
ByAnne-Maree Farrell

chapter |22 pages

Towards a European bioethics policy?

Institutional structuring and political responses
ByFrançois D. Lafond

chapter |14 pages

Europeanization of drug policies

From objective convergence to mutual agreement
ByHenri Bergeron

chapter |13 pages


The new politics of European health policy: moving beyond the nation-state
ByWolfram Lamping, Monika Steffen