Researching Complementary and Alternative Medicine provides a valuable and timely resource for those looking to understand, initiate and expand CAM research.

This collection brings together leading international CAM researchers with backgrounds and expertise in a variety of areas including health social science, qualitative methodology, general practice, health services research and public health. Drawing upon their own research work and experience, the contributors explain and review core methods and research issues pertinent to contemporary CAM and its future development. Topics discussed include:

  • the use and limitation of evidence in CAM research
  • the issues facing practitioners (GPs, therapists, nurses, etc) who wish to conduct research
  • how and why qualitative methods should be combined alongside quantitative methods to help explore CAM
  • how the randomised control trial (RCT) method relates to CAM
  • the future direction of CAM research in terms of public health and policy-related agendas.

Researching Complementary and Alternative Medicine is essential reading for students, academics and researchers in CAM, health studies, medicine, nursing, medical sociology and public health. It will also appeal to CAM and allied health practitioners.



ByJon Adams

part Part I|86 pages

Methods in practice

chapter Chapter 1|16 pages

Qualitative methods in CAM research

A focus upon narratives, prayer and spiritual healing
ByDavid Aldridge

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Systematic reviews and CAM

ByEric Manheimer, Jeanette Ezzo

chapter Chapter 3|15 pages

Utilising existing data sets for CAM-consumption research

The case of cohort studies
ByDavid Sibbritt

chapter Chapter 4|20 pages

Towards the application of RCTs for CAM

Methodological challenges
ByMarie Pirotta

chapter Chapter 5|15 pages

Combining qualitative methods and RCTs in CAM intervention research

ByMarja J. Verhoef, Laura C. Vanderheyden

part Part II|65 pages

Issues from the field

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Evidence and CAM research

Challenges and opportunities
ByMarc Cohen

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

The practitioner as researcher

Research capacity-building within the ranks of CAM
ByAslak Steinsbekk

chapter Chapter 8|16 pages

Public health and CAM

Exploring overlap, contrast and dissonance
ByKevin Dew, Penelope Carroll

chapter Chapter 9|19 pages

Involving the consumer in CAM research

ByCharlotte Paterson