This valuable reference will be useful for both scholars and general readers. It is both botanical and cultural, describing the role of plant in social life, regional customs, the arts, natural and covers all aspects of plant cultivation and migration and covers all aspects of plant cultivation and migration. The text includes an explanation of plant names and a list of general references on the history of useful plants.

part |2 pages


chapter |9 pages

The Hunter-Gatherers

ByIvan Crowe

chapter |14 pages

Origins and Spread of Agriculture

ByDavid R. Harris

part |2 pages


chapter |15 pages

Gathering Food from the Wild

ByAndrea Pieroni

chapter |16 pages


ByMark Nesbitt

chapter |16 pages

Roots and Tubers

ByHelen Sanderson

chapter |19 pages


ByCharles Clement

chapter |35 pages

Herbs and Vegetables

ByJane Renfrew, Helen Sanderson

chapter |20 pages

Nuts, Seeds, and Pulses

ByGeorgina Pearman

chapter |20 pages


ByBarbara Pickersgill

chapter |18 pages

Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sweeteners

ByHans T. Beck

chapter |14 pages

Psychoactive Plants

ByRichard Rudgley

chapter |34 pages

Plants as Medicines

ByMichael Heinrich, Andrea Pieroni, Paul Bremner

chapter |19 pages

Fragrant Plants

BySue Minter

chapter |26 pages


ByPeter Barnes

chapter |27 pages

Natural Fibers and Dyes: Frances A. Wood and George A. F. Roberts

ByFrances A. Wood and George A.F. Roberts

chapter |19 pages


ByTony Russell

chapter |19 pages


ByDaphne Hakuno

part |2 pages


chapter |19 pages

Age of Industrialization and Agro-Industry: Andrew B. Jacobson

ByAndrew Jacobson

chapter |10 pages


ByVernon Heywood

chapter |25 pages

Conservation of Wild Plants

ByDavid R. Given, Nigel Maxted

chapter |17 pages

Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources

ByNigel Maxted, David R. Given

part |1 pages

Plant Names