The Hydrology of the UK assesses the changing hydrology of the UK, focusing on key issues that affect the fundamental hydrological processes and have important implications for water resource management, flood risk and environmental quality. The bookis divided into 3 sections: Section 1 examines the causes of change to the hydrology of the UK, including the impact of climate change, land use and geomorphological change, and dam construction. Section 2 assesses the effects of these pressures on UK rivers, goundwater, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and wetlands, looking at water quality, degradation, pollution and protection. Section 3 examines the responses of goverment organisations responsible for planning and management of water, including Environment Agencies, British Hydrological Society and the growing urgency for a World Hydrology Initiative.
Change will continue to be a major feature of UK hydrology in the future. This book provides an understanding of the changing hydrology of the UK and the international scene today and looks to the needs for the future.

chapter |98 pages

Section 1

ByMike Acreman

chapter |27 pages

Climate Change and UK Hydrology

ByNigel Arnell, Nick Reynard

chapter |25 pages

Land Use Change

ByMark Robinson, John Boardman, Rob Evans, Kate Heppell, John Packman, Graham Leeks

chapter |27 pages

River Channel Modification in the UK

ByDavid Sear, David Wilcock, Mark Robinson, Karen Fisher

chapter |17 pages

Causes of Catchment Scale Hydrological Changes

ByAngela Gurnell, Geoff Petts

chapter |126 pages

Section 2

ByMike Acreman

chapter |33 pages

River Flows

ByTerry Marsh, Andrew Black, Mike Acreman, Craig Elliott

chapter |16 pages

River water quality

ByRichard Williams, Tim Burt, Geoff Brighty

chapter |30 pages


ByBrian Adams, Ian Gale, Paul Younger, David Lerner, John Chilton

chapter |24 pages

Lakes and ponds

ByTony Bailey-Watts, Alex Lyle, Rick Battarbee, Ron Harriman, Jeremy Biggs

chapter |21 pages


ByMike Acreman, Paul José

chapter |67 pages

Section 3

ByMike Acreman

chapter |17 pages

Responsibilities and strategies of UK organisations

BySusan Walker, Bob Sargent, John Waterworth

chapter |26 pages

Planning and managing for the future

ByMalcolm Newson, John Gardiner, Simon Slater

chapter |10 pages

Role of the British Hydrological Society

ByFrank M. Law

chapter |12 pages

Future UK Hydrological Research

ByJim Wallace, Enda O’Connell, Paul Whitehead