Bringing together leading international practitioners and theorists in the field, ranging from the 1960s pioneers of participation to some of the major contemporary figures in the field, Architecture and Participation opens up the social and political aspects of our built environment, and the way that the eventual users may shape it. Divided into three sections, looking at the politics, histories and practices of participation, the book gives both a broad theoretical background and more direct examples of participation in practice. Respectively the book explores participation's broader context, outlining key themes and including work from some seminal European figures and shows examples of how leading practitioners have put their ideas into action.

Illustrated throughout, the authors present to students, practitioners and policy makers an exploration of how a participative approach may lead to new spatial conditions, as well as to new types of architectural practices, and investigates the way that the user has been included in the design process.

part |123 pages

Politics of participation

chapter |20 pages

Architecture's public

ByGiancarlo De Carlo

chapter |19 pages

The negotiation of hope

ByJeremy Till

chapter |21 pages

Losing control, keeping desire

ByDoina Petrescu

chapter |11 pages

Mass housing cannot be sustained

ByJon Broome

chapter |28 pages

Reinventing public participation: planning in the age of consensus 1

ByTim Richardson, Stephen Connelly

chapter |7 pages

City/democracy: retrieving citizenship

ByTeresa Hoskyns

part |56 pages

Histories of participation

chapter |13 pages

Sixty-eight and after

ByPeter Blundell Jones

chapter |12 pages

Notes on participation 1

ByPeter Sulzer

chapter |11 pages

Kemal Özcül's acceptance speech 1

ByPeter Hübner

chapter |8 pages

Özcül postscript: the Gelsenkirchen school as built

ByPeter Blundell Jones

part |93 pages

Practices of participation

chapter |4 pages

Politics beyond the white cube

ByMarion von Osten

chapter |6 pages

Rights of common: ownership, participation, risk

ByMuf, Liza Fior, Sophie Handler, Katherine Clarke, Kath Shonfield

chapter |8 pages

Stalker and the big game of Campo Boario

ByFrancesco Careri, Lorenzo Romito

chapter |12 pages

Points, spirals and prototypes 1

ByRaoul Bunschoten