There is currently considerable concern with limiting the growth of transport demand, the use of resources and related pollution. This book makes a major contribution to the debate on transport and the environment and is likely to become a benchmark against which new research will be developed. Transport Policy and the Environment presents for the first time the results of extensive research: *quantifying the contribution of transport to environmental problems. *assessing the options for resolving those problems. *investigating the conflicts arising from policy implementation. *developing new and better methods of data collection and analysis. It brings together the results of a major research programme funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council on Transport and the Environment and provides a clear view on current policy. It is the major contribution that UK research has made to the debate and provides the first set of substantive results on the effectiveness of policy, and the means by which the impact can be measured and assessed.

chapter |16 pages


Transport Policy and the Environment
ByDavid Banister

part |93 pages

National Aspects

chapter |18 pages

Transport and Global Warming

Modelling the Impacts of Alternative Policies
ByM.Z. Acutt, J.S. Dodgson

chapter |12 pages

Forecasting Road Traffic Growth

Demographic Change and Alternative Policy Scenarios
ByA.S. Fowkes, A.D. May, C.A. Nash, Y.L. Siu, P.H. Rees

chapter |25 pages

Public Attitudes to Transport Issues

Findings from the British Social Attitudes Surveys
ByBridget Taylor, Lindsay Brook

part |108 pages

Regional Aspects

chapter |17 pages

Unintended Effects of Transport Policies

ByP.B. Goodwin

chapter |30 pages

Transport Provision and Regional Development in Europe

Towards a Framework for Appraisal
ByRoger Vickerman

chapter |15 pages

The Environment, Efficient Pricing and Investment in Transport

A Model and Some Results for the UK
ByJohn Peirson, Roger Vickerman

chapter |28 pages

Creating the Sustainable Supply Chain

Modelling the key relationships
ByJames Cooper, Ian Black, Melvyn Peters

chapter |15 pages

Improving Air Quality

Lessons from california
ByWyn Grant

part |114 pages

Local Aspects

chapter |21 pages

The Location of New Residential Development

Its Influence on Car-Based Travel
ByPeter Headicar, Carey Curtis

chapter |24 pages

Movement and Mobility in the Post-Fordist City

ByAndrew Gillespie, Patsy Healey, Kevin Robins

chapter |31 pages

Greener Transport Towns

Publicly Acceptable, Privately Resisted?
ByMargaret Anderson, Julia Meaton, Clive Potter, Alan Rogers

chapter |13 pages

Non-User Benefits From Investments in Urban Light Rail

Evidence from Sheffield
ByJohn Henneberry, Paul Lawless, Peter Townroe

chapter |4 pages


ByPeter Hall