Effective Learning and Teaching in Modern Languages offers insights from the latest research into learning and teaching a language, and also outlines innovative teaching techniques, covering all the critical subjects including:

  • the demands made of students and staff in modern languages
  • the four language skills
  • assessment, grammar, vocabulary and translation
  • technology-enhanced learning
  • residence abroad
  • subdisciplines such as business, area, cultural and literary studies, and linguistics
  • professional development.

Providing both a clear overview of the discipline and a wealth of techniques, practical advice and useful resources, this book will be welcomed by lecturers or tutors new to the profession and experienced lecturers wanting to keep up with the latest developments and improve their students' learning.

part |2 pages

Part I University Modern Languages: students and staff

chapter 1|7 pages

Modern Languages as a university discipline

ByJames A. Coleman

chapter 3|6 pages

Where do our graduates go? Languages and careers

ByJames A. Coleman

part |2 pages

Part II The theory and practice of language teaching

chapter 5|13 pages

Research into language learning

ByJames A. Coleman, John Klapper

chapter 6|8 pages

Curriculum design

ByJames A. Coleman, Elizabeth Hauge

chapter 7|15 pages

The four language skills or ‘juggling simultaneous constraints’

ByElspeth Broady

chapter 8|8 pages

Teaching grammar

chapter 9|5 pages

Teaching and learning vocabulary

ByPaul Meara

chapter 10|10 pages

Assessment in Modern Languages

ByJohn Klapper

chapter 11|12 pages

Assessing language skills

ByJohn Klapper

chapter 12|6 pages

Using the foreign language assistant

ByAgnès Gower

chapter 13|7 pages

Translating and interpreting

ByJames A. Coleman, Isabelle Perez

part |2 pages

Part III Modes and contexts of university language learning

chapter 14|9 pages

Institution-wide languages programmes and non-specialist learners

ByDerrik Ferney

chapter 15|7 pages

Residence abroad

ByJames A. Coleman

chapter 16|9 pages

Independent learning

ByVicky Wright

chapter 17|6 pages

Distance learning in Modern Languages

ByStella Hurd

chapter 18|5 pages

Computer-assisted language learning (CALL)

ByJune Thompson

chapter 19|12 pages

The internet and computer-mediated communication

BySophie Ioannou-Georgiou

chapter 20|8 pages

The effective learning of languages in tandem

ByTim Lewis

chapter 21|6 pages

Corpora and concordances

ByMarie-Madeleine Kenning

part |2 pages

Part IV A diverse discipline

chapter 22|6 pages

Cultural Studies

ByMichael Kelly

chapter 23|5 pages

Languages and Business Studies

chapter 24|9 pages


ByRosalind Temple

chapter 25|6 pages

Area Studies

ByAlison Phipps

chapter 26|8 pages

Literary Studies

ByDiana Holmes, David Platten