Efforts to combine the outstanding economic performance in the decades following the Second World War with social security appear to be endangered half way through the first decade of the 21st century. This book draws together an international team of contributors, including Douglass North, Harold Demsetz and Michael Piore to assess the current world order.

chapter 1|30 pages


ByMax Miller

part |2 pages

Part I Social institutions, governance and economic performance

chapter 2|24 pages

Social institutions, technological progress and economic performance

ByJohannes Berger

chapter 3|14 pages

Business governance and the institutions of capitalism

ByHarold Demsetz

chapter 5|14 pages

Understanding the process of economic change

ByDouglass C. North

part |2 pages

Part II Varieties of contemporary capitalism

chapter 6|37 pages

States, markets and capitalism, East and West

ByGiovanni Arrighi

chapter 7|33 pages

The European model of ‘social’ capitalism

Can it survive European integration?
ByClaus Offe

chapter 8|21 pages

The neoliberal ideal and the reality of workplace practice

Shifting axes of political mobilization and new regimes of workplace governance in the United States

chapter 9|35 pages

After boom, bubble and bust

Where is the US economy going?
ByRobert Brenner

part |2 pages

Part III Capitalism and social critique in the era of globalization

chapter 10|31 pages

The role of criticism in the dynamics of capitalism

Social criticism versus artistic criticism
ByLuc Boltanski, Eve Chiapello

chapter 11|30 pages

Globalization and loyalty

Who are ‘we’?
ByGunnar Geyer, Thomas Straubhaar

chapter 12|24 pages

Invasions of the market

BySteven Lukes