This collection of essays displays a number of different approaches to the most significant early eighteenth-century periodicals. The range is considerable: the critique of ideology and polemical strategy, the political history of the press, the rhetoric of the genre, and the material circumstances of periodical production all find a place. The periodical profoundly shaped the English reading public's ways of perceiving the social and political institutions of their own age.

chapter |7 pages


ByJ.A. Downie, Thomas N. Corns

chapter |14 pages

Stating Facts Right About Defoe's Review

ByJ.A. Downie

chapter |11 pages

The Tatler: From Half-sheet to Book

ByCalhoun Winton

chapter |10 pages

The Examiner Re-Examined

ByW.A. Speck

chapter |14 pages

The Spectator's Generalizing Discourse

ByCharles A. Knight

chapter |20 pages

The Craftsman

BySimon Varey

chapter |16 pages

The Life and Death of Common Sense

ByThomas Lockwood