This volume addresses the issues arising from the recent devolution referenda by exploring the historical development of the proposals, the importance of national and regional identities, the changing policies of the political parties and the approaches of business and other major groups towards devolution. It also looks at the impact on electoral reform coming from the proposal that proportional representation be used to elect the regional assemblies and how the new assemblies are to be financed. Finally the book discusses the implications of a devolved British state where different countries and regions achieve different levels of autonomy at different paces.

chapter |9 pages

Introduction: Devolution and the UK State

ByMichael Keating, Howard Elcock

chapter |30 pages

Financial Arrangements for UK Devolution

ByDavid Heald, Neal Geaughan, Colin Robb

chapter |18 pages

What Could a Scottish Parliament Do?

ByJames Mitchell

chapter |18 pages

Strategies of Autonomist Agents in Wales

ByJonathan Snicker

chapter |18 pages

English Regionalism and New Labour

ByJohn Mawson

chapter |24 pages

What's Wrong with Asymmetrical Government?

ByMichael Keating