Mass communications media play a potentially crucial role both in democratization and in ensuring democracy's survival. The essays in this volume analyse differing aspects of the complex relationship between the media and democracy in a diverse range of national contexts.

chapter |5 pages


ByVicky Randall

chapter |17 pages

The News Media and Democracy in the United States

ByDavid Mervin

chapter |19 pages

The Media and the Public Sphere in Fifth Republic France

ByRaymond Kuhn

chapter |21 pages

Democratization and the Media in Poland 1989–97

ByFrances Millard

chapter |19 pages

Regime Transition and the Media in Taiwan

ByGary D. Rawnsley, Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley

chapter |24 pages

Seeking Theory from Experience: Media Regulation in China *

ByRichard Cullen, Hua Ling Fu

chapter |21 pages

The Media and Democratization in the Middle East: The Strange Case of Television

ByAnnabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi

chapter |23 pages

Democracy and the Information Superhighway

ByMark Wheeler

chapter |9 pages

Concluding Comments

ByVicky Randall